In memory of: Bhai Dya Singh (Dilbar)

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Just had some recordings of Bhai Ji, his voice has got alot of power and effect to it, and there are a handful of parchaaraks who can paint such a colorful picture in the minds of the audience, I didn’t know much about him until he passed on, like most people, I didn’t know much about Bhai Sant Singh (Maskeen), I knew who he was but never got around listening to his kathaas, until about a couple months ago. Anyways, enjoy, got more of him coming.
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23 Responses to “In memory of: Bhai Dya Singh (Dilbar)”

  1. mohindraandcompany says:


  2. Ishwinderjit says:

    wah ! ustaad ji ,you are a great.

  3. babajassal1969 says:


  4. sanjosestateboy says:

    this is my first time seeing bhai daya singh ji im so lucky i get to see him i never seen him in real life when did he passed away?

  5. uppalbir says:

    Gyani ji many time had parchar in my village. Great man koi jwab nahi koi torr nahi c gyani jee daa

  6. jatindershergill says:

    Dilber ka saani, Dilber ka humsaar, Na pehile tha koi, na ab hai, na hoga. Dliber sahib aap ji nu lakh lakh vaari parnaam.

  7. navdeep28 says:

    awesome……very nice.. thanks for uploading

  8. 3plylakyog says:

    I met Daya Singh in the 80’s as an 11 year old growing up in edmonton, AB his Jatha stayed with us…. from that time, i fell in love with dhadi music…
    he was a great man, writer, and intellectual … the sikh nation has lost a shining star

  9. sammipuria says:

    bahut achay dilbar sahib.

  10. arsh91 says:

    One of the most amazing men we could ever have in Sikhism, he is an immortal legend which will be known for centuries to come.

  11. SikhWarriors21 says:

    Just like all the other GurSikhs, you went to the place you truly belong. This earth is not worthy enough to have the joy of having people like you. It is with God, and the Creator where you truly belong. God bless

  12. mannjattpunjabi says:

    good job.

  13. desiestjatt04 says:

    Kulwant Singh BA iz da best Dhadi ever i’av listened!

  14. desiestjatt04 says:

    Gr8 Voice an 1 ov da best ‘Share’ writer ever…

  15. immortalpbi says:

    bai main bhi ais noon bahut wadiya banda samajda si par odon bahut dukh hoyeya jadon sahi gal pata lagi ais bare bahut feel hoyeya

  16. princeghs says:


  17. theboy01 says:

    More Videos of Gyani ji plz..

  18. taksaalisingh says:

    He lived next to mi uncle in newasher in punjab. A true Sikh Legend.

  19. Mahasingh88 says:

    gur bar akaal sat sri akaal

  20. Kalsingh says:

    Wow Wow Wow Wow

  21. jasongti says:

    met him many times personal friend of my dad very nice man an did a lot for the cause and had a lot of knowledge

  22. 2desi says:

    Sikh legend!

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