In Memory of Polly Ann Williams {1974 – 2008}

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This is my video tribute to Polly Ann Williams, who featured in the HBO documentary, “Thin” (2006). When watching the documentary for the first time, I saw that Polly really stood out amongst the group of sufferers of eating disorders who were filmed during their treatment at the Renfrew Centre ( Coconut Creek, Florida, USA) I was truly amazed by Polly and her attitude towards others, her recovery and the prospect of living life fully. She had an amazing fiery spirit, very raw honesty and integrity, a caring and kooky personality, a strong desire to always help those around her and a wonderful gift in photography. Polly shone, even though she was very ill, and you could see the core inner strength she embodied. Polly had clear determination to defeat her eating disorder and move on with life. However, during her stay at Renfrew, Polly had given another patient and friend, Shelly, who was emotionally struggling at the time, a mood stabilizer tablet (300mg Neurontin) which Shelly had been taken off of. Polly had also gotten a tattoo with another resident, which was against the rules. This was discovered by staff during a room search and Polly was kicked out of the facility the following day. Behind her back, Polly had received comments such as “She’s the ringleader”, “She’s a bad seed.” and “She obviously has a very negative power.” Whilst I believe that Polly’s actions were wrong, she did not intend harm and at the end of the day, she had made honest mistake, which all of
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25 Responses to “In Memory of Polly Ann Williams {1974 – 2008}”

  1. fromthebay510 says:

    im so sorry this polly

  2. mvisser2901 says:

    did she died because she was anorexic or was it suicide?

    R.I.P polly

  3. Achloeproduction says:

    this is so sad R.I.P polly its good to know that your at peace now and your finally free .

  4. boys3girlsEwhatagain says:

    I know this sounds mean, but I blame the states medical coverage, if Polly had lived in Canada she would have lived, and most likely had a better treatment place, with people that understand what she was going through at that time… I blame the residence of the states for not voting for the health plan, it saves people. It was a stupid thing you people decided, and now you see what happens…
    R.I.P Polly, an amazing, talented and compassionate person

  5. EmbracingAna says:

    This is so sad. I own the documentary as well as the book THIN that Lauren Greenfield created. I feel so sad about Polly and her family. The saddest thing is that she really wanted help, wanted to get better, her condition improved, and then her insurance ran out. Ive dealt with anorexia and bulimia for 9 years and its a horrible disease to live with. My heart and prayers go out to her family. 🙁

  6. briljosh says:


  7. livelovelaughx42 says:

    No :(( I liked Polly during the documentary and had no idea she had passed away. So sad. She could have gone on to be a great photographer and to help others as you said.

    Polly Ann Williams

  8. RecklessInspirer says:

    so sad :/

  9. Billlyanalogies says:

    it wasnt the insurance, one of the girls ratted on her for getting a tattoo (which just happened to mean “healing from ana”) and they sent her home.

  10. kusoaho says:

    None of the women in that documentary got better during the period after leaving Renfrew. Is Renfrew just a scam to take the money of these vulnerable women?

  11. hannahg39 says:

    She definitely was the most likable and charismatic person from the documentary and it broke my heart to see that she had passed away.As a former drug addict who went to detox over 20 times and stayed at a recovery house for just over a year,that saved my life.How did I afford these things?I live IN CANADA!!! Everything was payed for by SOCIAL SERVICES! Your health care system SUCKS! And people die from your health care system EVERY SINGLE DAY PEOPLE DIE because of your health care system!

  12. Marcela69ish says:


  13. PBlueturtle says:

    You made a beautiful heartwarming tribute to a lovely person…and I am sure that you did it because you’re a lovely person too…

    I hope that you are still doing well…please keep up the good work and if you slip here and there just always remember that you’re brave because you chose to get back up again…

    You are in my prayers…and never forget that you are very precious in Jehovah’s eyes…please take care.–Matthew chap. ten, verses 29-31

  14. sotrsab says:

    try to prove it

  15. mielkay71 says:

    The HBO documentary “Thin” was filmed 2 years before it was televised. Polly died 4 years after filming. She was the most likable out of the community but giving somebody medication was dangerous.

  16. 39littlemisssunshine says:

    This makes me so sad. I feel bad for Polly for getting kicked out. Who cares if she got a tattoo? And of I ever go back to treatment, I sure as hell won’t be going to renfrew.

  17. x3SashaM says:

    I wanted to stop watching that documentary because I didn’t want to believe she had passed 🙁
    RIP Polly!

  18. reb44277 says:

    R.I.P Polly <3

  19. sraphael says:

    Thank you for that beautiful comment. 🙂

  20. cigaretteskinny21 says:

    Polly, rest in peace. This almost makes me cry. I hope you’re happy and free as a bird in the afterlife. <3

  21. zoey580225 says:


  22. mermaidwoman1000 says:

    oh my god so she died now?? i thought she doing just great.. she seems able to pull it through… i was more worried to the other gurl than her.. so unexpected and i m so sad.. Rip now Polly.. u deserved it 

  23. Somethingproductable says:

    I hope the treatment center feels guilty.

  24. TheRolfesaurus says:

    Polly was the girl that I really relate to,
    I just saw this and I felt deeply sad that she died, I have anorexia and she gave me hope.
    she is so beautiful and so kind xxx

  25. CJB401 says:

    Polly committed suicide with sleeping pills.

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