In Memory of Schwinn. Bought 2009, Stolen 2009. (Bike Rack Workout)

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25) The exercises featured in this video are listed below along with the relevant muscles used Rack Jumps – Legs One Arm Rack Press – Chest, triceps, shoulders and core Batfink Back Rows – Back, biceps and core One Arm Inverted Rows – Back, biceps and core Rack Crunch – Abs Swinging Running Man – Abs and obliques Swing ‘N’ Raise – Abs and obliques Elevated Inverted Rows – Back, biceps and core Headaches – Shoulders and triceps Elevated Push Up – Chest and triceps Rack Press – Chest, triceps, shoulders and core Pistol Dipped – Triceps, legs and core Bulgarian Split Squat – Legs and glutes Hyperextensions – Lower back and hamstrings Hanging Running Man – Abs Donkey Dips – Triceps and abs Inverted Rows – Back, biceps and core *NB* Please consult a doctor before starting any new exercise programme. Music to get you fizzYcaL – The classic “Bicycle Race” by Queen

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25 Responses to “In Memory of Schwinn. Bought 2009, Stolen 2009. (Bike Rack Workout)”

  1. 1zachary808 says:

    i was lookn for shuffling and got this.

  2. cranebeg says:

    0:36 Best Patrice Evra face!

  3. 74CSC says:

    All you need is a rack, great man!

  4. ChrisCrossdresser says:

    DAMN! And i thought i was a ‘outside the box’ thinker; I would never of imagined all of those routines! Of course, the bike racks that i exercise on are more like “waves”, & i can only do 2 routines on them. But your workout is most impressive.

  5. dwil2002 says:

    Nice workout! 

  6. ukulelejoker says:

    dayusdaus he put stolen cuz his bike got stolen nd so hes workin out in memory of his bike on a bikerack which seems like its kinda stupid but the workout is good

  7. dayusdaus says:


  8. KingCobraBB says:

    batfink back rows!! daaaaaam! what a vid

  9. FizzycalFitness says:

    Cheers Bro!

  10. salsad says:

    so impressive, its very creative what you have done with three bike racks…great video!
    Looking forward to your next video

  11. Michael8Christian says:

    I do not tied it yet , I must trying to next weekend

  12. FizzycalFitness says:

    - Much appreciated D! You’re far more skilled than me so really glad I’m giving you ideas! Those slow muscle ups of yours are still ridiculous!

  13. FizzycalFitness says:

    – Cheers D!

  14. FizzycalFitness says:

    – Thanks Sis! How’s your trianing going?

  15. FizzycalFitness says:

    – Thanks Bro! I’m looking forward to your next installment!

  16. FizzycalFitness says:

    - Cheers BulletP. How’s your training going?

  17. dawalli says:

    LMAO @ Schwinn! Nice workout vid! That’s creativity right there! You never fail to give me ideas to try!

  18. FizzycalFitness says:

    – much appreciated bro! You smacking them BBRs like a true soldier! When next you in the capital?

  19. FizzycalFitness says:

    – thanks man! You should have seen the looks I was getting. Your monday workout is a monster – nice work.

  20. FizzycalFitness says:

    – thanks Michael! Have you tried the pistol dipped? Interested to know what you think of them and what muscles you felt it worked?

  21. conditioningdaniel says:

    Good array of variations 😀

  22. 2mariebl says:

    You Working Out

  23. InciteFitness says:

    Good money

  24. BulletproofMk3 says:

    this was another good one F.F

  25. muverguy27 says:

    this is a great vid man this is going right to my favs 5* fizzy

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