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part 1 : htpp:// *** PROCESS **** launch play store search = link2sd i…

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25 Responses to “Increase internal memory part 2 | any android mobile | link2sd | detailed | karbonn A25 – thewayur”

  1. BriefTut says:

    but in some cases it can corrupt ur sd card

  2. Nitesh Ladwa says:

    thnx dude it worked for meh.. i did it with usb cable…!!

  3. BriefTut says:

    try this method

  4. Arjit Punia says:

    please tell me how to increase internal memory of karbonn a4+

  5. BriefTut says:

    seems u got success and u raised ur arm with victory :v

  6. BriefTut says:

    reset ur phone + recreate ur partition = do fresh start

  7. Sai Kumar says:

    hie i have rooted and added link to sd, while installing apps internal
    momory is also reducing .can u plz tell me about this Query

  8. BriefTut says:

    there could be two cases : 1st : u might have not given superuser
    permission at first launch and it is remembering.. solution : launch
    superuser and modify the permission for link2sd 2nd ; u have rooted but
    rooting was not successful, solution : unroot and root again

  9. junex ex says:

    I have already the root access but wen i open the link2sd it says i must
    allow or grant to the superuser.. ho to do that?

  10. BriefTut says:

    who said tht? if u r seeing the app it means it was downoaded already.. u
    just need link2sd

  11. junex ex says:

    is it important that we have to download wechat??

  12. BriefTut says:

    last night happend same with me, it worked after 3 tries.. just dont link
    ur link2sd app..

  13. LightHouseShow says:

    I have followed all the steps and many applications are being installed and
    linked. When I go to Link 2SD internal, there is only link 2SD. BUt in
    settings-manage apllications, I have only about 51MB free. I don’t know
    what is using some of the internal memory. Do you think that I should move
    application to SD (applications that are movable) in manage application.

  14. BriefTut says:

    i dnt knw why apps not moving completely, and sometimes when we install
    apps, the give error, so we have to reinstall app.

  15. Kunal bhenwal says:

    Same Problem with me…. >.< As stated by Rohan Kumar...

  16. Rohan Kumar says:

    apps are moving through link2sd but not compeletly. i installedalmost 300mb
    software bt it is showing that i have only 50 mb space available which
    should have shown 110 mb free. Another problem is tha after all this, some
    apps like facebook , viber etc, are not working which worked perfect

  17. BriefTut says:

    restart ur phone and it will gain the space, and dont forget to watch my
    uploaded video = link2sd proof

  18. Rohan Kumar says:

    everything works fine in my karbonn A25 till create link step in link2sd
    .when i click on create link it shows me the message tha app is linked and
    moved to sd card. But when i go back and look in app manager the internal
    memory remains the same as it was earlier before linking it via link2sd .In
    short link2sd is not copying anything from nternal to second

  19. LightHouseShow says:

    wonderful man.. thanks to you.. I was desperate to use the tons of
    application of I will be able!

  20. devilboijohn says:

    Wat do u mean?

  21. BriefTut says:

    try other formats

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