Increase Memory – Five Critical Steps

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (0) Here is how to increase memory following simple proactive steps Flex your brain muscle to increase memory Your brain is like a muscle. It needs plenty of exercise to keep up. So, if you do not use it you lose it. Reading, engaging in meaningful conversations, and playing mental games are among the best exercises to increase your memory. Lots of free brain games are available on the internet. Know that your enemy is Stress If you want to increase memory, know that stress prevents your brain to make efficient connections. Learning basic yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques are your best bets to manage stress. Calm sleep will help increase memory Quality sleep has a very positive effect on how your brain resources to memory and other key brain tasks. Food and motion to increase your memory Your memory and other brain functions are dependent on quality nutrients and a good supply of well oxygenated blood. Your brain is the major consumer of oxygen of you body. You are what you eat. So, a well balanced diet and physical exercise are a must to keep it well working. Natural supplements can increase memory Plenty of scientific studies have came up with a number of natural herbal factors that help on improving memory. A clinically tested and totally natural supplement is the MemoRise formula. Here is what it can do to help you: Will increase memory and other cognitive tasks Will increase nervous system functioning Will promote a better blood supply to
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