Increase your Brains Memory capacity

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This video explains an excercise to increase your brains Memory capacity
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25 Responses to “Increase your Brains Memory capacity”

  1. Murugabhaktan says:

    Next time when you read something , try to relate it with something you can remember. Then when you want to recollect , the thing which u relate will come to your memory first and then you can easily get the actual info thru the relativity. Other alternative solution is to try to remember what you did the whole day yesterday…by doing this constantly the brain will think that you will need the info sometime later and will store it in a very secure spot..at the end its training of brain. Thanks.

  2. giantbehemoth21 says:

    Hi I’ve been watching your video and i found your video very intriguing.
    I was just wondering if you can tell me about how to increase my memory
    because i’m finding it pretty hard to remember things and find it really
    embarrassing when i’m around people especially when they ask me questions

  3. Murugabhaktan says:

    Please follow it and get benefited.

  4. daffodil1881 says:

    Thank you very mush for the tip ..

  5. rskkumbhar says:

    What s the ideal time for
    doing it and how many times a day

  6. dano132454 says:

    there a program called ZOX.

  7. Murugabhaktan says:

    @MrVijay8836 You can mail me – my mail id is bhaktan01@yahoo.com.au

  8. MrVijay8836 says:

    @Murugabhaktan – Thank you very much …Very quick reply…I have some more doubts and questions also. Can i Mail you or how can i tell them in detail?

  9. Murugabhaktan says:

    You are doing it right…The feelinbg is due to you are doing this first time..Best time is before you go to bed…

  10. MrVijay8836 says:

    Hi…Thank you very much for posting this video. I am doing this for a week. Initially i used to do it once in the night or morning..but i didnt feel much difference. Then i used to practise for 5 times at a stretch. I felt very very alert and kinda feeling like massage my brain inside immediatly. Am i doing it right? Why this feeling? What s the ideal time for doing it and how many times a day

  11. FeignofCordor says:

    I once read a book on how to improve your memory and before I had finished I could remember in order a list of 100 objects forwards or backwards. But I can`t do that no more because I forgot how. lol

  12. GoteeDevotee says:

    Thank you – such calm and simple instructions

  13. Murugabhaktan says:

    Thanks for your comments. All the best.

  14. vivekkatkam says:

    i like this video anna it is good and the way you explained is was also good it is nor fast nor slow easy to understand for every one who dont understand englis by the peolpe who speak fast.u have confidence the this is u were speaking slow that’s it but it is good to understand.
    to day onwards i will practice it and lets see how many days it takes.

  15. salive290 says:

    Hey He Is a Freaking INDIAN…..damn he is born genius…..lmfaooooooo!

  16. emerson24 says:

    Go make a video and post it. Let’s see your confidence. I see his face as someone who is calm and searching for the simple way of explaining it, so people like you can understand the basics.

  17. Murugabhaktan says:

    i sent the link as a personal message.. Please take care.

  18. anandjency says:

    can you send link of your new video please,on the above video you always looking your left side. that is the mistake If it is from your mind you need not look at left side. Thanks a lot Bye for now.

  19. anandjency says:

    can you send link of your new video please

  20. Murugabhaktan says:

    Thanks for your comments… yes i agree i dont have confidence when i posted this video…you can make out from my face…watch my latest video and u can see that my cofidence has grown up…everything in life comes only by practise..Please take care.

  21. anandjency says:

    i think he reading a article,( not very tough but very easy ) mean’s the same.


  22. sridhard2406 says:

    Thanks a lot .. keep updating like this….

  23. Murugabhaktan says:

    All the best…

  24. antropopitecus64 says:

    Thank you for sharing, I’ll put it in practise.

  25. Murugabhaktan says:

    Thanks for your comments.. Please take care.

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