Increase your IQ – Really!

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There is a video demonstration that explains how to train with this task – please watch this if you are having any trouble understanding how to train with Dual N-back: This video describes the Dual N-back training technique. The exercise is proven to effectively increase working memory and fluid intelligence. By training with this technique for approximately 30 days it is possible to increase your IQ by as much as 40%. This is a simple and effective way to increase your IQ. I’ve had a few questions about my personal results, so I will briefly describe them here. I discovered Dual N-back training because I failed to meet the requirements to join MENSA (min. 132 IQ score). I took two of their privately administered IQ tests; about a month later I received a rejection letter. ­čÖü I did some research into mental training techniques and read about the study that was conducted with Dual N-back. I trained with the task for 2 months. After training I consulted with a private psychologist. He administered the WAIS-III IQ test for me. Comparing my post-training results to an IQ score just below the MENSA cut off, I would say that I experienced an approximate gain of 15% in IQ score. There are many different views on what this score means, but I won’t go into too much detail here. I believe it suffices to say that at one point in time I scored well on a test. Nothing more, nothing less. You can train on the Dual N-back task for free at: For more information

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25 Responses to “Increase your IQ – Really!”

  1. carpozi22 says:

    thank you so much.. ­čÖé
    this can get really hard once you get´╗┐ advanced!!

  2. ClearMindMeditation says:

    You’ve got it!

    You would hit the button for the second a, second d, second s and second e.

    Every time the stimuli repeats at the n-back level you are training, you would press the button to register a match. ´╗┐

  3. carpozi22 says:

    I saw you other video, but I just wanna make sure I got this right.
    I am gonna give you and example ignoring the audio (obviously) and please tell me if I got it correct (assuming N=2)

    sequence is: a d a d w s e s e
    so you would hit match for : the second a, the second d, the second s´╗┐ and the second e
    or you would hit match for : the second a and the second e only!?

    Please reply and thanks

  4. ClearMindMeditation says:

    I made a´╗┐ short demonstration video that helps explain it. Look in the description of this video where I’ve placed a link to the explanation.

    Hope this helps – good luck!

  5. carpozi22 says:

    I don’t understand this game.. there is always visual and´╗┐ audio!? please explain. thanks

  6. ClearMindMeditation says:

    That’s great to´╗┐ hear. Getting to 6-back in one month is quite an accomplishment.

    Just from personal experience, I believe that an IQ test administered by a health professional will give you a more accurate result. You may be able to find a local school that provides testing services. If you do take another test, I’d love to hear your results.

    Either way, thanks for the comment – I’m glad that this video encouraged you!

  7. farsh66 says:

    I got to 6 N-back after 1 months and 5 days of practicing. I practiced everyday, for 20 minutes during that period (probably missed 3 or 4 days). Quite unbelievable to get to 6 N-back.
    And thanks, your video got me started! I am interested to see how much my IQ changed compared to last year, I will try to redo the mensa IQ test when they´╗┐ let me, I dont know if they do once you are a member. Will report back.

  8. ClearMindMeditation says:

    Even a small affect can have great impact over time. Mental development is something that is best viewed as a long-term commitment.

    The type of knowledge you describe would take at least a decade of constant growth. Reading and applying your intellect to problems is the only way your mind will develop the way that you want. There is no magic pill; it just takes dedication and practice. The rewards are worth it. ´╗┐

  9. Ramiromasters says:

    Well I’m really interested in all that subject, but I’m just not so sure it works. I mean I wouldn’t even mind if its a small amount like 5%. But solving small video game problems or becoming slightly better at mental adding and stuff is not what I’m looking for, I’m talking about lets say watching Obama on tv he mentions the word “yes we can” and your brain brings up a memory of a book on crowd manipulation. Do you think expanding´╗┐ awareness its possible?

  10. ClearMindMeditation says:

    @WeAreChuckNorris I understand where you are coming from, however It can be´╗┐ dangerous to generalize like that. I’d agree that an egotistical perspective doesn’t suit a truly intelligent person.

  11. ClearMindMeditation says:

    I’m not sure that worked out so well in the movie. In light of that I’d recommend the natural´╗┐ method – mental exercise.

  12. ClearMindMeditation says:

    @WeAreChuckNorris Standard deviation is dependent on the test you use to measure your IQ. I believe that for the Weschler IQ tests the SD is 15. You are nearly 2 SD’s above average and are quite close to the cutoff required by MENSA. With some practice I believe that you would be able to meet their requirements.

    If you reach 2 SD’s above average on the Stanford-Binet IQ test, then´╗┐ this would also qualify you.

  13. Ramiromasters says:

    You could also try´╗┐ NZT-48!

  14. usernamesucks99 says:

    What does the N back average mean? I mean if I have a higher score does it mean I’ve improved? I thought lower average = improvement but I scored significantly higher when I was performing at my´╗┐ best, just want to make sure.

  15. ClearMindMeditation says:

    You’ve actually used quad speed n-back? I didn’t think that speed was even reasonable to use. You must be quite skilled.´╗┐

    I can’t really say how speed correlates with gain. I’m not aware of any studies that have been done.

    My comment on the speed n-back was just my opinion. It seems that the speed n-back is similar to a normal conversation whereas the normal speed is a bit slower. I can’t say for sure how speed training affects IQ.

  16. ClearMindMeditation says:

    Hi – thanks for the comment. The purpose of this training is to improve working memory and Gf (fluid intelligence). Your improved mental abilities should translate to a higher IQ in testing.

    MENSA requires a score in the top 2% – generally´╗┐ this is an IQ of 132 on standard tests.

    If you want to improve both mental ability and IQ score, it can be accomplished through regular training with the Dual N-back task (reading is always helpful too). Good luck ­čÖé

  17. carmaj156 says:

    Hi. Does this will increase my intelligence as well? I don’t want to increase my score just because, I want to increase my mental abilities (I already have an IQ of 130). Of course a higher score will increase my self confidence (140 would be nice LOL) but my main´╗┐ goal is to train my brain so it would be helpful in real life. BTW how much is the score MENSA asks to join them? And just in case: no, I don’t like vanity, I just appreciate understanding and learning.

  18. RyanCrescens says:

    Question – How would you say the speed at which you’re playing correlates to your overall gain? In a previous comment you mentioned how you believe the´╗┐ standard speed presents the greatest benefit, however I’m a bit confused. Why is this?

    As the standard speed seemed too slow, I’ve been playing the Quad-N-Back for a few weeks now; and the only difference I’ve noticed is how much more time I can save. (For reference, I normally play at 4 and 5-N Back.)

  19. ClearMindMeditation says:

    I took the entrance exam for MENSA but didn’t meet their requirements. I researched various mental training techniques and discovered Dual N-back. After training I consulted with a psychologist; he administered the WAIS-3.´╗┐ According to the results I would say that I achieved an approximate 15% gain in IQ score.

  20. MrDeception83 says:

    i’m sure you get this a lot, but did you take a professionally given iq test before and after your training? i took an iq test when i was young and scored in the average, from what i remember my iq is 98. so will it´╗┐ be increased by 40%?

  21. lifeandphilosophy says:

    Have you taken an´╗┐ IQ test before and after training?

  22. Jakeofjoy says:

    Great, thanks!´╗┐

  23. ClearMindMeditation says:

    …to answer your question though, I think it’s best to stick with standard speed if you are trying to gain the greatest benefit from training.

    When I trained I would do two 10 trial sessions, one in the morning, and one a bit later. I´╗┐ found it to be effective this way.

  24. ClearMindMeditation says:

    Well, the standard speed is based on the original study. I’m not sure what effects the speed N-back has. I just enjoy using it when I don’t have time for a full´╗┐ session. It’s more convenient to get through 10 trials quickly with speed N-back.

    Also, I find that it tends to reflect the speed of a normal conversation, so in that way I find it helpful.

  25. Jakeofjoy says:

    Thanks for posting! A question´╗┐ – at which speed do you think the training is most effective, standard speed, a little faster?

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