Info Regarding Memory Cards

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Info Regarding Memory Cards

Article by Allaric Saltzman

Memory card is a storage device used to store digital information for use on small, portable or other remote computing devices. Memory cards come in varying sizes and in varying storage capacity. This results in different prices for different kind of cards. Most memory cards have nonvolatile memory that means the data stored on the card is lost by the loss of power. Memory cards are smaller, have high storage capacity and are portable amongst a greater number of devices. Memory cards are commonly used in many electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, Mp3 players etc.

Some of the common types of memory cards are as below. I have tried to explain in simple language for everyone benefit.

PCMCIA Cards are of 3 types which are suitable for many types of devices. Type one card is used for adding additional ROM or RAM to a computer. Type two cards are often used for fax modem cards and modem. Type three cards are sufficiently large for portable disk drives.

Mini SD Cards are smaller than the SD cards and these cards are developed for use in mobile phones.

Multi Media Card can be used in place of SD cards. It comes in 4 varieties. MMC is slim, smart and is up to 16 GB. RS-MMC/MMC Mobile is compact and is up to 16 GB. MMC plus is compact, swifter, optional drum and is up to 16 GB. MMC micro is sub compact, optional drum and is up to 16 MB to 4 GB.

Another common type is Compact Flash which works with a variety of digital cameras. They are easily available and very cheap. The Compact Flash comes in two varieties. Thinner one is 3.3mm and the thicker one is 5.0mm

Memory Sticks are used in order to transfer data between the card and the host device using a serial interface. Memory sticks comes in 5 varieties. PRO is slim and narrow, swifter, optional drum and is up to 4 GB. This is mostly used in Sony products. Duo is compact, optional drum and is up to 128 MB. PRO Duo is compact, optional drum and is up to 32 GB. PRO-HG Duo is compact, swifter, optional drum and is up to 32 GB. Micro (M2) is subcompact, optional drum and is up to 16 GB.

Memory cards provide a secondary storage medium in order to store data. It offers so many advantages over the hard disk. Memory cards are extremely portable, smaller in size and less prone to mechanical damage. They are portable, completely silent and provide immediate access.

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