Just exactly how does Cod Liver oil help improve memory power

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Just exactly how does Cod Liver oil help improve memory power

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There is no one that can turn down an opportunity to improve their memory The brain is arguably one of the most powerful tools a human being possesses.It’s no wonder then that we are only doing ourselves a favor by attempting to improve our memory power.

From the time we were born, our brain is responsible for gathering, processing and storing information necessary to us for our continued survival. There are many supplements to improve memory on the market today, but perhaps one of the highest supplements to improve memory and possibly one of the best supplements fish oil.

When we say that fish oil we are of course talking aboutcod liver oil, the reason the oil from these types of fish isbecause they contain most of the essential fatty acids that are omega-3 fatty acids which are important part of brain development. One of the essential fatty acids found in omega-3 fatty acids are known for their DHA, the very fat too is present in our brain, in fact, represents approximately one quarter of the tissues in the brain.We obtain our initial offering of DHA fat from our mother when in utero but after that the body creates more of the same, and this of course means we have to pass through the food we eat. If you do not eat enough food containing DHA fats present, then it is a kick in the brain, the body replacing it with another type of fat called LPD, and this is just the beginning of memory problems.

The reason fat DPA cause memory problems because it is the most rigid of fat compared DHA. What this means is that when trying to pass neurons of a cell to fight to get through the membrane with equal facility, causing a communication breakdown in brain cells. And not only this can affect memory, lack of fat in the brain DHA can also lead to poor concentration, depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia and a host of other mental health problems.

The reason you should use fish oil supplements to improve memory over that just eating fish is because in order to maintain adequate levels of DHA fat ideally need to consume Omega 3 1000 mg per day. If you where to eat fish, then this would mean the impact of eating fish every day, which for most people is not practical because it would first become a costly system and boring, and secondly would mean levels much higher in contaminants like mercury and PCBs that are often in this type of fish. However, using an additional especially one that has been a cleansing process called molecular distillation and then eliminate these problems.

Additionally, as well as using fish oil supplements to improve memory you would in fact be boosting your health in other areas as well, including reducing the likelihood of inflammation problems and also reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems. So whether you want to Improve your memory power over your over all health, consumption of cod liver oil supplements is the best option for you.

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