Know More About The Brain Power

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Know More About The Brain Power

Article by Ewin Chia

The brain power that we humans possess is one of the most helpful and formidable tools at our disposal. No other animal has the potential to achieve the things that the human mind has created. Paintings, musical compositions, computers, and automobiles are just some of the things that we take for granted but would not have had we been, well, dumber. We only have a few genetic differences from apes, but that difference gives us Einstein, Mozart, and Shakespeare. We are not the only social creatures on earth but our superior minds have spawned civilizations, not mere interactions. The mind truly is a wondrous thing, and there its limits stretch as far as our imaginations will take us.

Human speech is one of the most complex things that we have invented. Almost automatically, a child will learn its native tongue with hardly any effort at all. An infant’s vocabulary will increase exponentially once it reaches adulthood, and it does not stop there. Granted that some hereditarily acquired genes separate masters such as Shakespeare from the fifth-grader who can’t pass remedial English, but almost everyone has the potential to at least be fluent in one language.

We are also differentiated from other animals because we have the desire and the need to create. From world wonders such as the Great Wall of China, to masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa, our desire to create goes hand in hand with our desire to exist. The Christian point of view that man was created in the image of God was founded on the basis of this particular trait: creation. We may not be able to create life from our bare hands, but we can imitate it in the form of statues, paintings, and the controversial process of cloning. We may not be able to create mountains, the oceans, and the sky, but we can produce structures that defy the constraints of our geography, such as skyscrapers, dams, and bridges. The brain power needed to undertake such tasks along with mankind’s resilience is a testament to the great tasks that we can accomplish.

On the flip side of this, if we have a need to create, we also have a need to destroy. Since the dawn of human civilization, man has been waging war on one another. From simple spears, to metal weapons and armor, mankind is constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can build, and what we can destroy. The brain power of Albert Einstein, gave birth to the atomic bomb, and we have been on the cutting edge on the art of destruction ever since. As a rule, the military has always been the pioneer in developing most of the state-of-the-art technological breakthroughs. But in recent years, the private sector been the one to develop the latest in technology, the military just contracts them for their technological needs. The reason for this is that our civilization has reached a point where the next big technological marvel is unveiled on a yearly, as opposed to decades, basis. If there’s one thing that goes hand in hand with survival, it’s the ability to be able to annihilate threats and our brains have this made this task into an art form.

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