Learn a New Hob or Game to Improve Memory

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Learn a New Hob or Game to Improve Memory

Article by Timothy Romano

One of the simplest activities you can do frequently to improve your memory is playing a simple game or trying a new brain exercise. People can easily learn and master a multitude of games and activities that will give their brain the exercise it requires to stay sharp and young. Creating a game to improve your memory is not tough to do, and anyone can learn how.

Most individuals find that the easiest technique is to take some of their regular everyday routines and invent a mental exercise that fits into whatever it is that they are doing. If you want your brain to run at its peak performance, you need to exercise it, just like you would go to the gym to get that body of yours into tip-top shape. If you’re a TV buff, you might try out a quiz type game show, and see if you are able to answer any of the questions before the contestants do. Because cable and satellite TV is so prevalent nowadays, there is a plethora of educational viewing choices available, and watching this programming will surely be more beneficial for the brain than watching the same old shows. You never know, you might find out you are interested in something that you never even knew about, and decide to take up further study on that topic by finding books or websites to dig even deeper.

If you haven’t tried working a puzzle recently, you’ll find that they are challenging and effective in giving your brain a work-out. Depending on what you are interested in, I would recommend puzzles like Sudoku or crosswords. Challenging crosswords are available in pretty much every newspaper in the country, and even on the web. USA Today has a fantastic puzzles page on their website with archives of puzzles from earlier editions.

Although it’s not a game to improve your memory, it is one of the oldest ways to exercise the mind. I’m talking about reading. If reading comprehension is a difficulty for you, just read a little bit slower and make a greater effort to ensure the information is being retained. Better reading comprehension is a definite sign of a more powerful memory. Not only is your brain being exercised, but you are actually learning new information and becoming more well-informed, and that truly is a beneficial bonus of reading.

Any time you try a new, or different type of brain exercise, you’ll find that it will be more effective than the old methods you’ve been using. Learning a new foreign language is one of the most powerful ways to see these benefits. When you start to learn a new language, you will be waking up parts of your brain that haven’t been exercised since childhood. There are so many affordable resources out there these days, including tapes and CD’s, books, and computer software, that language learning is available no matter what kind of budget you’re on. Music is another subject that uses a similar region of the brain as language, and will foster many of the same benefits. It doesn’t matter which one of these wonderful endeavours you decide to take up, your brain will be loving it and thanking you for it! Anything that requires you to concentrate, such as fly tying, metal work, painting, or quilting, will also give your brain some of the exercise it needs. A good and efficient memory is hindered by the array of distractions around us every day. Anything that helps you pay better attention to small details will also aid in ignoring all &#1
11;f those distractions around you.

The number of games and activities you can enjoy is limitless, and the more you try, the better. Even something as simple as giving your fellow supermarket customers a name while waiting in line, then trying to remember them all, will keep your mind busy. Try creating a game to improve your memory out of whatever place or situation you are in. All of these efforts will combine to make your memory even stronger!

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