Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough 18 (1/7) "In Search of The Sky: Memory"

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25) ~ Chapter 18: In Search of The Sky ~ Part 1 of 7: Illia’s Memory ==Contents== 0:03 Piece of Heart #37 0:51 Poe Soul #54 1:32 Rod Out Of Power =( 3:00 Renado’s Letter (Restoring Illia’s Memory) 4:30 Shad’s Research 5:25 Letter From Renado 6:33 Invoice 7:38 Medicine Scent The corresponding site walkthrough is linked below. Thank you.

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25 Responses to “Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough 18 (1/7) "In Search of The Sky: Memory"”

  1. 6uupa says:

    in the doctors perspective your like some guy from a mophia trying to get cash for his leader

  2. LemonCrushMusic says:

    Looks like Dr. Mizumi??

  3. coolkasker says:

    what the hell!!! whats going on with youtube, everytime i try to watch this video, never loads complete, or stop work the page, and now the video move like 5 cm to the right, now i only watch one half of the video :/

  4. RandomIdiots105 says:

    Caleb you have no idea how much fun it is to watch link run around castle town in a sped up manor. I’m quite the odd person. Oh well.

  5. HFDT1641988 says:

    @TheZeldaDungeon XD <3 love ya

  6. jeal0usyk1lls says:

    if shad isnt in telmas bar or in the basement where is he?

  7. cpawasome says:

    he has pointy ears just like link!

  8. MrHurricaneTracker says:

    dude this is awsome step by step

  9. Aceroset4 says:

    the letter looks like a pillow. 😛

  10. SoraInsanity says:

    Ahh I love the Song of Time Song <333

  11. WildPegasus1991 says:

    @Lilukachan find all the bugs in the game and show them to that one chick were you got your first upgrade from

  12. djvolvos64 says:

    @TheZeldaDungeon why is the game moving so fast?


    @R4R397 you get that in the beginning of the game, the ordon sheild, if you burned if by accident then you can by the hylien sheld or another wooden sheld at malo mart

  14. R4R397 says:

    how do u get the shield left of the hylian shield

  15. nickandconnorable says:

    Where do you find malo mart?

  16. anakinfan8 says:

    Hey caleb did you know that in the medical clinic you can transform into a wolf and jump onto the crate that you pushed back, then jump onto the shelf which will lead onto the rooftop which has a chest with a red rupee

  17. haribo1202 says:

    @NovaGas123 my thoughts exactly o.O

  18. NovaGas123 says:

    WAIT….RENADO IS A BOY?!?!?!?

  19. casperdktwo says:

    In wii version, everything is flipped, cause link has to be right handed since most people hold their wii remote in their right hand. Because nintendo had to flip something anyway, they decided to flip everything. Kind of lazy actually.


  20. reym4ever says:

    Woah, Telma’s bar is all, like, opposite of gamecube version XD 😀

  21. jbss11 says:

    @TheZeldaDungeon when will illia get her memory back

  22. awesomeabsol says:

    oops my computer didn’t allow me to see it “stupid thing I WILL GET A MAC TO REPLACE U!!!” (it works fine after that) srry

  23. awesomeabsol says:

    @TheZeldaDungeon u mean “i haz smrts” and r u going to create a poe guide on your web site?

  24. pickelspigs says:

    @TheZeldaDungeon I miss a poe in the dungeon will i be able to get it?

  25. Lilukachan says:

    @joshyman12312 lol

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