Losing Your Memory – Game of Thrones

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Please subscribe to my back-up account if you haven’t gotten a chance yet! 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/acwprods How amazing is Game of Thrones! Not sure how…
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25 Responses to “Losing Your Memory – Game of Thrones”

  1. tinaUNDAcova says:

    Okay, I’m just curious, what version of the song is this? Because its not
    the original (Which I own and love) It’s almost like a remastered live
    version or something. It’s beautiful, as is the video. Good job!

  2. Κυριάκος Οφλ says:

    its fucking great..
    and its just from season 1
    I’m impressed!!

  3. SPARKELS7797 says:

    Omg, this video gets me every time its so amazing!

  4. sa65cn1 says:

    This is great !!! Thanks.

  5. TheSmileyLife says:

    you know who i’m gonna miss? the starks.

  6. Krisxx says:

    Amazeballs! This vid gave me goosebumps! Soooo excited for the next book
    and series!!

  7. tkhbur11 says:

    ithis video made me cry’ it is beautifull

  8. Mimi D. says:

    Amazing job on this. loved it..

  9. EFreak14 says:

    how is it, that every GoT video is epic?

  10. lateralus1337 says:


  11. Raquel Pereira Braga says:

    I miss Syrio Forel

  12. WishmastersRecords says:

    Extraordinary video congratulations

  13. tishmusic says:

    this is one of the best got thrones videos i’ve seen!

  14. Tara Pearson says:

    this is the only video that i can watch time and time again. so stunning.

  15. shiler potter says:

    < 33

  16. BetaArtemis says:

    This is such a beautiful video – you captured so many feelings and emotions
    so perfectly – one of the things I’ve always loved and still love about GoT
    is how every character is so layered and nuanced, no one is truly good or
    evil, things are not truly black and white, just like it is in the real
    world, it’s so relatable and it’s not afraid to change and shake the
    playfield – your tribute is a brilliant one for the show! 🙂

  17. Ivana Cincur says:

    This is the best thing that ever happened to this fandom!

  18. monkey0in0a0cage says:

    I cannot begin to describe how it saddens me to see this video with so
    little views. It should be the most viewed Game of Thrones fan-made video
    out there. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE I only discovered it just now. It is AMAZING
    … BREATHTAKING … I keep trying to think of a bad thing about it and the
    only thing I come up with is the repetition of the fading effects AND EVEN
    THAT it seems isn’t a bad thing at all, but adds to the overall beauty of
    the video. I liked it, faved it, shared it. Cheers 😉

  19. tavone6D says:

    you used the fade effect too much… 🙁 it gets kinda annoying after a while

  20. RipplingMoonS says:

    Don’t think i’ve ever been so touched by a story and a video of the story.
    This is amazing

  21. LCHime says:

    Never seen the series but after watching this I just have to now.

  22. vampire9girl says:

    I just read 50 pages of the first book and I’m falling for it
    already….hope I can watch the show one day & I enjoyed your video….:)

  23. SWbloodwolf says:


  24. xu xe says:

    one word: EPIC!!!!

  25. Angie511 says:

    Awesome!! EPIC! Wonderful *sigh*

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