Maceo Parker – Speed Reading

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Funky sax-playing
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17 Responses to “Maceo Parker – Speed Reading”

  1. ttcjj says:

    I was blown in my seat due to the power of FUNK that came blasting out of my speakers!

  2. MirageBeyond says:


  3. blackandtanful says:


  4. Gnarly669 says:

    This is not gay comercial 90′ disco funk ! gogo maceo !

  5. HippyMan415 says:

    o man now i got a funk boner….touche maceo

  6. kmne11528 says:

    This is Massive!!!!!

  7. FranZSax says:


  8. Houselounge87 says:

    The master indeed:-)

  9. FranZSax says:

    Too hard! Fuck you master of funk!

  10. beselbic says:

    That’s some smokin’ funk right there and some amazing playing by Maceo.

  11. dvnbrat says:

    So funky…I need a dissinfectant wipe

  12. Lightotronic says:

    pure funk wave

  13. tharalph says:

    Best track on the school’s in CD! I tried practicing this solo… Most licks are not that hard, its the way he plays them thats impossible!

  14. Houselounge87 says:

    yes, i must say so.
    gotta see him sometime to:-)

  15. ScottyCollinson says:

    Saw him live, it was awesome. Jealous?

  16. tomastrompa says:

    what a fuck! this guy its unbolible

  17. titosynnott says:


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