Major Bones of the Body

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This video is designed to be a helpful memorization tool for the major bones of the human body. I made it for my senior project.
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25 Responses to “Major Bones of the Body”

  1. TotalBodyFinesse B says:

    Very helpful. Im watching this to help me with me upcoming test on the
    skeletal system!

  2. vijay prakash shukla says:


  3. dhyay bhatt says:

    thanks awesome vid helped a lot

  4. Wazimodo says:

    This helped out alot thanks 😀
    You should make one on the Muscular system :)

  5. tim blake howson says:

    This video was very helpful in my studies… and really reinforced what I
    needed to know.

  6. TheLodgeOne 69 says:

    haha “subtitle text here” 

  7. Laurie Huber says:

    Excellent video…reinforces the basics of what I need to know for my
    midterm. Thank you!

  8. mArKus ViniÇiuS Barbosa says:

    amazing !

  9. Micheal Novak says:

    You do know that there is a song of the 21 major bones in your body

  10. Austin Byrd says:

    “subtitle text here” haha but good video!

  11. Samuel Lo says:

    No she didn’t.

  12. RaspberryPastry says:

    My teacher keeps giving out terrible study guides, so I’m really glad I
    found this

  13. Pebus says:

    hi pleas he;p me fidn bonds

  14. SirBeastly74 says:

    you stupid head -_-

  15. KaD0 says:

    This helps so much

  16. Infernape says:

    Lol, looks like you made this video for a school project or something, but
    still, thanks for the upload 🙂

  17. Violet Kravchenko says:

    Love this! Thank you so much!

  18. Junie Benoit says:

    thank you for doing it

  19. Pebus says:

    pleasr however do i Find borns??????????????

  20. Summer Gooderham says:

    Soooo helpful, thank you for posting this vid 🙂

  21. McKenzie Wright says:

    @trip2hisjunk no she didnt. Great video!

  22. Pebus says:

    cant see boesn, if are theybr real?

  23. Pebus says:

    hwo do see bonse

  24. Rebecca Thomas says:

    Very Helpful thankyou

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