Maximum Counter Trial Memory Part 1

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Maximum Counter Trial Memory – Captured Live on Ustream at ———————————— Welcome to CS Toys International! Our people in California and Japan have teamed up to be able to bring Super Sentai Heroes and Kamen Rider items to our customers all around the world. We’re constantly adding new products to our store in order to bring you a better selection. _________________________________ 【STORE & NEW ITEM RELEASE】 _________________________________ 【CSTOYS LIVE!】 See your items packed LIVE! 1PM-6PM JST. We ship twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays from Japan. _________________________________ 【SEARCH ITEMS BEFORE AND AFTER PACKING】 Find your items before and after packing and share them with your friends! Just type in your INVOICE# (5 digit # appears in your invoice) in the search window and see your items on our packing table before and after the packing. Our postman comes and pick up your items after 2 to 4 hours after we finished packings.
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13 Responses to “Maximum Counter Trial Memory Part 1”

  1. HalfBoiIed says:

    @79481429 Faiz is 10 seconds. Trial is actually 9.9 seconds since he has to finish it in less than 10 seconds. Pretty sure Kabuto is timed as well, just a lot longer than the other two, otherwise all fights would be in Clock Up and that wouldn’t be very fun =/

  2. 79481429 says:

    Hmm… Faiz – 5 seconds… Trial…99 seconds… Kabuto… nearly infinate…

  3. gogolegogeek says:

    Trail Gose Into A Airport…
    Trail:Hey!Hey Over Here!
    Trail:*Makes Suacied Bommer Noice*

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Nickster891 says:

    it’s supposed to be super speed and it’s referring to time trials in a race

  5. KeeveSuikoden2Hero says:

    Is that a AA size or a AAA size bettery…..?…..and turn odd the music if you want us to hear Trial memory really well…….plus..,isn`t the last light should be blue not green….?….if it is green us fans are being cheated….

  6. muikah28 says:

    how come the trial memory got red amber and green???I tot in the show is red amber blue??

  7. CasimusxPrime says:

    “Hello YouTube. This is CSToys International. Thank you for watching our Pack and Ship show”. I have become addicted to saying that.

  8. KamenRiderPivot says:

    cstoy ur the best!

  9. hatching1566 says:

    you are the best !!!

  10. iLiekNerf says:

    BADASS! Reminds me of Faiz’s Accel Watch

  11. HeyItsWabi says:

    the ‘trial’ sounds abit like lier hoho

  12. runephillipine says:

    Mr.s is that your voice? or some other guy?

  13. DavidAndDannyShow says:


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