Maximum Counter Trial Memory part 2

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Maximum Counter Trial Memory part 2 ———————————— Welcome to CS Toys International! Our people in California and Japan have teamed up to be able to bring Super Sentai Heroes and Kamen Rider items to our customers all around the world. We’re constantly adding new products to our store in order to bring you a better selection. _________________________________ 【STORE & NEW ITEM RELEASE】 _________________________________ 【CSTOYS LIVE!】 See your items packed LIVE! 1PM-6PM JST. We ship twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays from Japan. _________________________________ 【SEARCH ITEMS BEFORE AND AFTER PACKING】 Find your items before and after packing and share them with your friends! Just type in your INVOICE# (5 digit # appears in your invoice) in the search window and see your items on our packing table before and after the packing. Our postman comes and pick up your items after 2 to 4 hours after we finished packings.

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21 Responses to “Maximum Counter Trial Memory part 2”

  1. KeeveSuikoden2Hero says:

    @Skiks But it`s kind of anoying with the light flashings…to me at least…

  2. Skiks says:

    @KeeveSuikoden2Hero To prove it’s the DX one or show things like engine don’t have a light

  3. aznboi992 says:

    where’s the cali store?

  4. wookimania says:

    should the last light on the trial memory be blue?

  5. KeeveSuikoden2Hero says:

    Why does every DX Double siries memories review that I`ve watched…,all the reviewers always flash the lights below to the screen…,we get it already the lights is hyperly bright it can make you temporarely blind….,now stop with the flashing already….some reviewers….and what the hell…,the maximum drive feature is just the same as Faiz`s Accel watch `start up` feature….now us fans are really deissapointed….

  6. pcf180 says:

    @Ericg0h I meant IT! Aren’t you educated enough to understand typos?

  7. Ericg0h says:

    @pcf180 Of course u cant go in….. u have to be the size of gaia memory to fit in-.-

  8. pcf180 says:

    @Ericg0h I can’t go in anyway…-_-

  9. Ericg0h says:

    Dud u dint flip the memory when u tried to insert it in W’s belt

  10. ShadowBladeDashZX says:

    now there are 4 new memories since the original’s fanguu,skull,eckstureeeeeeem,and trial.Oh and prism now i’m thinking about prism skull.

  11. pehmar says:

    @yondaime297 lol dont bother finding it… bro had a hard time finding stores in Japan……….

  12. dragoon034 says:

    man…if it could fit in i think some ppl will actually suggest fang+trial o.o

  13. MetalSnakeUtah says:

    88 miles an hour.

  14. KamenRiderPivot says:

    flip it up,it might go in.

  15. yondaime297 says:

    Where in Japan is your store?

  16. crimsonvz says:

    @jafri he wont hes in the next movie kamen rider W forever a to z gaia memory of destiny

  17. jafri says:

    Hope Weather Dopant will be HISTORY tomorrow….

  18. icydragon444 says:

    you should try Fang Trail , but remember to flip the memory 🙂

  19. mrgoodjob says:

    you can flip it up to put in the w driver

  20. r3b3rn says:

    Cyclone Trial! lol

  21. r3b3rn says:

    I can see Gideoncyclone lol

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