Meditation and chanting a brain exercise? Sadhguru

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (24) A seeker comments about a recent study done on brain activity during chanting and meditation and asks Sadhguru his opinion on the subject. (TO20)

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24 Responses to “Meditation and chanting a brain exercise? Sadhguru”

  1. kriscool001 says:

    but never delivers it right!

  2. kriscool001 says:

    @shubroto81 well, I perform one of the highest forms of yoga – meditation techniques. My first guru who initiated me into deep spirituality passed away long back; never met my Master; two other gurus follow my Master who also touched and initiated me just by their words; imagine how powerful their books/works are…I’ve another true Master who is alive but never met that person as well. None of the above inspired people for material benefits like Jaggi does today. Only PURE Service!

  3. shubroto81 says:

    @kriscool001 I meant the type of yoga he prescribes for you..diff yoga is prescribed for diff people depending on their personality. Not “his” yoga ofcourse. Just attend a small retreat of his ..after that u can abuse him all you want no one will say anything, but not without trying.

  4. kriscool001 says:

    @shubroto81 lol…NO yoga in the world belongs to him (for goodness sake, don’t mention as ‘his yoga’).

  5. shubroto81 says:

    @kriscool001 tsk tsk at the end of the day u still haven’t tried his first try his yoga after that u can say whatever u want..but not before trying his yoga. Its that simple nothing complicated about it.

  6. kriscool001 says:

    @shubroto81 People like Jaggi are only a shame to sacred eastern tradition.

  7. kriscool001 says:

    @shubroto81 his yoga?…are you kidding? there has been enough real gurus who have gifted us the message on path to enlightenment without accepting any money/material like Jaggi does. A sincere spiritual seeker will be bestowed with experiences of the Universal self without having to go through a middle man like Jaggi. Jaggi is living a sophisticated life from the money that flows into his trust. Think about it, how easily the man fools people and lives an extraordinary life.

  8. ghostbusters6006 says:

    @pritpalc Na Na.. My friend i am not following him at all.. undoubtedly, if one meditates, chemical changes may occur but that will be towards positive factor. According to my experience, I found meditation an effective tool to curb the thoughts.. it takes time to adjust, smtyms ages but it definitely works well..

    I am aware about meditation practices since childhood but this tym I am doing it by myself instead of listening or following any one..

  9. pritpalc says:

    @ghostbusters6006 fail.

    If he just said. Yes it is true…if you meditate you will have a physical changes in your brain it would have been a greater and more direct answer.

    He is selling some mysical thing that people can’t achieve. (Even though they can) That is why he gives a non answer and expects you to come to the next retreat for $2000 to find the answer your self.

    Smart man…

    leads people on goose chases instead of giving direct answers.

  10. pritpalc says:

    He didn’t respond to the question correctly.

    The answer should have been yes.

    Exercise your brain and you will find chemical and physical changes…

  11. pritpalc says:

    Why is Hguru Sad?

  12. ghostbusters6006 says:

    people are just interested in Q&A.. how many of us meditate even for a 5mins in a day..?? experience it by urself, thats wht he’s saying, instead of asking questions & conducting tests.. At least I can say on the basis of my experience that it works..

    A slight experience is far much better than asking questions n testing..

    Close ur eyes n keep focusing in the center i.e between two eyes. Jus 5 mins in a day for 1 week contineously. you guys will experience it by urself.

  13. shubroto81 says:

    @kriscool001 u should try his yoga before making up your mind.

  14. shubroto81 says:

    @akashudt33 have u tried his yoga?

  15. muphart says:

    and now yoga…but yoga is also one of those things that doesn’t work

  16. Slimarus says:

    @akashudt33 He is what he is, no more than that

  17. akashudt33 says:

    He is a good person, not more than that

  18. Gracelovefaith1 says:

    He answered the question on a literal level in the first 10 seconds and then gave a more in depth answer to get to root of what the person was really asking.

  19. rags1504 says:

    I feel he didn’t answer the qn…

  20. vshssvs7 says:

    somehow i feel he didn’t answer the question asked

  21. azazzzzzz says:

    jai guru dev !!!!!!!

  22. kriscool001 says:

    @arvindthangarasa Think how easily you have given up yourselves to him, he doesn’t need to do any magic as you already believe in him. You make his job very easy.Ever since people have this bad habit of following someone because somebody else is following. Sheep feels secure when it is in the lot. Stop following others, think what is the truth. If Jaggi can service the community you are a human being like him who can also service the community, you don’t need to perform any miracles.

  23. kriscool001 says:

    @arvindthangarasa what Jaggi speaks is common sense, anyone can speak the same sense and nonsense by the virtue of their life’s experience and reading intellectual books.While Jaggi won’t reveal the real God in you, I can do it but only if you are ready to stop, think and understand what is happening around you is nothing more than a drama.Don’t channel all your good/hard earned money to one single person or institution.There is no guarantee in how it is being spent unless you closely watch it.

  24. kriscool001 says:

    @arvindthangarasa haahaha…wat a wasted being are you?you still haven’t understood that you don’t need any mediator between you and God to realize the SELF. Everything that you need to realize the SELF lies within you for such is the potential of every human life.You don’t have to serve Jaggi to service humanity rather you can do it yourselves to the community around you.If one is a sincere seeker the TRUTH will find its way into that being.I understood the truth but you are stuck in Jaggi!

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