Memorization Course, Part 1

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You too can “appear” to have a photographic memory!
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25 Responses to “Memorization Course, Part 1”

  1. zen2tranquility says:


  2. abikani says:

    Very good Boss!

    You took us step by step, slowly and it was Amazing.

    Thanks for it.

    Keept it up!

  3. lmerlott says:

    to be honest i have these kind of memory quirks because i have an autism spectrum disorder, asperger’s sydrome…its not something to be jealous of….i promise

  4. um22w22 says:

    Don’t be an ego-maniac and sympathize a little!!!

  5. lmerlott says:

    sorry to comment again but is it really this complicated? maybe b/c i don’t do it on purpose i didn’t realize how much went into it but gosh just link things…i don’t know… one bun or one gun sounds silly. Sorry…i guess i just don’t understand how my brain does it so it seems silly to watch other people link numbers to remember grocery lists. sorry.

  6. lmerlott says:

    also, there are a lot of ways that i connect memories but it has nothing to do with numbers…i connect them without thinking…its random, involuntary and occassionally annoying…is there anyone who knows what i’m talking about? oh and a photographic memory is a learning disability, as catagorized by teachers…you can see the leaves and the bark and veins in the leaves and sheen on the apple but you can’t see the tree…its not a good thing to have…you can’t catagorize.

  7. lmerlott says:

    its kind of funny, i have a peg system normally, my brain catagorizes that way and people always thought i was completely random…its a very useful thing…though i don’t know i would put in the time to learn it. it can be a nuissance at times…especially when you have to explain how you connect the dots.

  8. Danny451 says:

    Jediairmech, when people “discover” memory systems, they are amazed. I’ve been doing what you are doing since the 70’s. The systems are very old. They are so “old” they are “new” to each generation.

  9. unistake says:

    Seriously great set of vids 😉

  10. unistake says:

    Do you use this method to remember the names of all your kids!

  11. Lykos42 says:

    Amazing! You people are unable to detect sarcasm!

  12. Jediairmech says:


    Like the Cartoon Character Tazmaininan Devil?

    Whatever number 100 is… it’s Taz’s, lol

    Thanx for posting

  13. jbichotte says:

    Anybody knows how to write 100 ?

  14. Pariah2001 says:

    It’s a dog you moron!!

  15. Pariah2001 says:

    It’s a dog you moron!!

  16. eunaotenho says:

    man congratulations for doing this, its something really useful and very interesting, keep up the good work and post more of this. thankssss

  17. IvanaOverdose says:

    Is it an open marriage? Are you handy? I accidently put a hole in my wall. Can you come over and fill my hole for me? Fill it up with that white sticky stuff? What’s it called? Spackling paste?

  18. IvanaOverdose says:

    This “technique” is not of God! It is dark-sided! At 2:20 to 2:21, you can see a mysterious creature above his left shoulder. Surely, a demon! If you practice this “technique,” this witchcraft, you will evoke a demon!

  19. Figilswif says:

    Wonderful video, thank you very much. You explained it nice and slow and was very easy to understand. I’m sure I’ll use this method a ton in the future. Right now I’m trying to remember algorithms for a Rubik’s Cube and would like to know how to use method like this for remembering colors and positions. Maybe that could be another video you could do anyway, thanks for this video!

  20. Jediairmech says:

    a boyfriend??????

    I’m married to a wonderful lady and we have four kids! lol

  21. chrissietim says:

    OK, so I started out watching this on account of me being such a Ditzy Queen who forgets EVERYTHING, and somewhere along the way my concentration kinda wandered due to you being so dreamy-nice…. but then I guess you already have a boyfriend (?)

  22. Jediairmech says:

    That type of thing wasn’t covered in the book that I learned this technique from… once again… it’s not my technique… so your guess is good as mine.

  23. alexxgirmal says:

    I really like the video and it’s use to memorize grocery list. My question is how to associate it with real school work, i was hoping if you could post one more video in how to associate visually with Biology or chemistry Definitions or … any thing but longer…Love the video

  24. zylocks says:

    Awesome videos man. You go about explaining your method in a very easy, and interesting way. It’s is a refreshing change from most of the other useless, yet sometimes entertaining, videos that somehow end up on the net. I just really like the fact that you took the time to make them solely to share what you have found to be so useful.

    Keep on making your videos. I’m gonna check back often ;D.

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