Memory Cards – the reliable solution

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Memory Cards – the reliable solution

Article by David Memory

are the permanent fix for a temporary problem. But when is it prudent to upgrade your system instead or relying on external devices to overcome the problem of insufficient space on your computer?

Data storage is becoming increasingly problematic now that there is a plethora of downloads available from the internet. This coupled with the fact that we are using our computers for ever more complex purposes, and not just as a word processor, means that data rich applications and formats need to be stored alongside work files and applications.

The home-based computer can be used for gaming, DVD viewing and storage, home shopping, music storage, and with the advent of TV cards, it can now be used as an auxiliary television. With families tending to share computers the amount of data that needs to be stored on a single system can be immense. Audio visual content, such as films, games and music videos are extremely data rich, and it doesn’t take long for an average system to become overloaded. External drives are all well and good for storing less sensitive data that does not need to be regularly retrieved such as films, but it is highly inadvisable to use these drives for storing more important information. External drives were created for backing-up a computer system to minimise the problems of CPU technical error and failure which inevitably leads to loss of information. They were never intended to be used as an extension of a computer, and using them in this way actually renders them obsolete in terms of what they were made for. It also means that there is a very real risk of losing valuable data should a technical problem occur.

There is an argument that storing applications on external drives makes them more portable, allowing children to go to their friends houses to play computer games for example. But, external drives are nevertheless a lot more bulky than memory sticks, and it is unwise to allow computer back-up data to leave safe confines, especially in the hands of child on it’s way to a pizza party. External memory devices don’t fare too well amid a sea of greasy cheese and soft drinks!

USB sticks are a much more friendly solution to portable data, and don’t carry anywhere near as many of the risks. They are incredibly economical and their capability is increasing at impressive rates. They provide an affordable solution for each member of the family, without compromising the integrity of the computer and back-up systems. But, if a computer is struggling to cope with vital data, the only sensible way forward is to upgrade the internal memory. It could save a lot of heartache and expense in the long run as some things are irreplaceable. Family photos and work documents are far too valuable to take any chances on.

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