Memory Experiments in Psychology

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Memory Experiments in Psychology

Article by Elena Bullock

Recently, I’ve read about a memory experiment in psychology. At first I though there would be nothing new. What can they prove that I still haven’t heard of? But to be honest, I’ve changed my mind after I’ve read an article about that memory experiment in psychology.

Numbers are of great importance. We must use them literally every day. Telephone numbers, bills, money in general… Those are all things that have numbers involved. So basically, those numbers must be remembered somehow. That is the base of that memory experiment – numbers.

One psychologist took a group of kids that were just starting their school. They could remember only five numbers after they heard them. That means that they could repeat just five numbers immediately after that psychologist would tell them.

Then they started practicing. As they were practicing every day, children could remember more numbers. Psychologist was extremely happy because his memory experiment was providing him proof for his statement that practicing can and will increase memory capacity.

Unfortunately for him and, as a matter of fact, for all of us, there were some other observations that changed the direction of his memory experiment. He noticed two facts that changed his point of view.

As they were practicing, children were able to memorize more numbers, but unfortunately, that was limited only to numbers. To make it simple; by practicing with numbers, we can learn only numbers when, in fact, we would like to improve our overall memory.

And second; when kids went to their summer vacation and after they came back, they completed a test. That test discovered that kids had their memory restored to capacity they had before their experiment and before their practicing.

The conclusion is that practicing works very well and that it can increase our memory but only as long as we are practicing. So basically, it can be useful and at the same time totally worthless. It’s up to you to choose whether you want to practice or not

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