Memory Game – The Modern Exercise Phenomena

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Memory Game – The Modern Exercise Phenomena

Article by David Akihito

The modern memory game is truly a phenomenon. Normally, we associate the word exercise to hours of sweat and hard work, jogging hard on that treadmill that we hate so much. However, never before in history has exercise become as enjoyable as it is today with the introduction of games. This is especially so for the memory exercises, many of which have been turned into memory games for helping us to develop our memory and mental ability. There are a variety of different memory games and exercises which can help you to improve your memory, productivity, performance, and overall mental health.

Different exercises may address different forms of memory as well as different part of the brain, so let us first examine a few of the various types of memory and how they play a role in the types of memory games that have been developed. The most commonly understood types of memory include short-term memory and long-term memory. These are forms of memory that we use in our daily lives. Most of the memory game assortments that exist out there are built on training the short-term memory facility of the brain. However, there is still the random memory game that goes into deeper sub-categories of the short-term memory. These include areas such as our spatial memory, meaning the memory of the position of various items that we have.

Some of the more common memory games that are available include the match memory game. In this form of memory game, we need to match one thing with another, and this is usually in the form of a one upturned card with another card that is lying down and whose face and position we need to remember. This is actually quite an easy game to play, but it does wonders for improving the memory ability of an individual. This type of match memory game is popular among both children and adults, and there are many computer versions of the game as well.

Other memory games basically focus on simple short-term memory task such as remembering symbols or pictures which are given to the players. These are often set in different environments and can have added sets of rules for small challenges that the players would enjoy. One variation on this type of memory game is the requirement to memorize audio. Thus, instead of memorizing pictures of symbols or shapes, participants are required to memorize audio playbacks. This is more challenging than the normal visual memorization as most games are focused on visual memory such that most people have never thought of training their audio memory.

If you have been concentrating on memorizing things through pictures so far, you might want to consider giving your brain a twist with a memory game that is focused on other parts of the senses, such as memorizing an audio playback, or memory related to other senses of the body. There are also certain memory games that you can play at home that require you to memorize things based on your sense of touch or even your sense of taste. Have a try at all the different varieties of memory game available, and exercise different parts of your brain for the most benefits.

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