Memory Improvement Games

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Memory Improvement Games

Article by Timothy Romano

Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to remember something simple, like where you went out to dinner last night? It happens to us all, and can make us feel like we are getting old and the power of our memory is declining. One key to avoiding this is exercising your brain, and my favorite way to do this is by playing memory improvement games. Anyone can easily find and master many different games and activities that will give their brain the exercise it needs to stay sharp and fresh.

The trick is to use your imagination and turn usual daily activities into a game that will exercise your grey matter. If you want your brain to run at its peak performance, you need to exercise it, just like you would go to the gym to get that body of yours in tip-top shape. If you like television, try multi-tasking and do another activity while you are watching your shows. For instance, you could be working on some type of craft or hobby at the same time. You could also invent a game while enjoying your favorite programs, like trying to memorize all of the commercials that appear during the show, then list them when it is over.

Here are some other activities that would benefit your brain in the same way as memory improvement games, but also help with your physical skills and dexterity. Try spending an entire day performing all of your required tasks with your non-dominant hand. It sounds difficult, and it is, but after spending some time practicing, you will find that it becomes more natural. Another tip I can recommend is learning to eat with chopsticks. This will exercise your hand and eye coordination, and is a very effective way to create new neural pathways in your brain, which improves memory and brain function.

If you try any type of new brain exercise, you’ll find that it will be more effective than the old methods you’ve been using. A fantastic ongoing way to do this is by learning a foreign language. Learning a new language excites neurons that haven’t been exercised since you were a baby learning your own native tongue. There are so many affordable resources out there nowadays, including tapes and CD’s, books, and computer software, that language learning is available no matter what kind of budget you’re on.

Some other good memory improvement games include watching “quiz-type” game shows on TV, and learning strategy games such as chess, checkers, dominoes, or cribbage. All of these games are inexpensive, easy to learn, and actually a quite fun way to pass the time with a friend or spouse. Not to mention, while you are playing and having fun, you are giving your brain some fantastic exercise, and improving your memory at the same time!

The more things you can find to do to improve your memory the better. Try creating memory improvement games out of whatever place or situation you are in. It’s not too difficult to come up with some great ideas, especially if you are creative. All of these efforts will combine to make your memory even stronger!

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