Memory Improvement Techniques to Help You Succeed In Life

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Memory Improvement Techniques to Help You Succeed In Life

Thanks to technology, humans have been relieved of the need to remember things. Phone numbers, birthdays, and important messages are remembered by smart gadgets. The human mind is limited to memorizing the poems and monologues learned in high school. While it’s true that these gadgets have made life easy and uncomplicated, they’ve also created an environment that’s impossible to imagine without them!

Even the most hardened gadget freak, desires to improve his memory. There are several studies to prove that techniques that help in memory improvement can successfully delay the onslaught of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Besides gadgets like cell phones and computers, there are several other factors that cause memory problems among people. Environmental, psychological, and emotional factors often contribute to memory problems. Stress and strain too have negative effects on the brain’s ability to recall information.


Luckily there are several techniques that help in memory improvement. Simple lifestyle changes in diet, sleep and exercise can contribute to improving memory.

Physical exercises help to pump oxygen to the brain, thus reducing the risk of memory related problems and also enhance the effect of brain chemicals that protect the brain cells. While physical exercise helps in improving memory, sleep helps to enhance your memory.

Simple activities like solving puzzles, playing chess, or even watching a funny movie, can help to stimulate your brain. If puzzles and chess aren’t your thing, join a club or volunteer for an activity in your locality. Research has proved time and again that socializing helps to build brain health.

There are several memory improvement techniques like flash memorization and mnemonics to help people improve their memory. Techniques that involve rewriting information, relating information to color, smell or taste, visualizing information, and breaking information into smaller and manageable chunks also helps in improving memory.

But more importantly, remember to focus attention when performing a task. And if you’re among those who get easily distracted, move to a place that’s quiet and allows you to concentrate.

As earlier said, diet too, plays an important role in keeping the mind active and sharp. For example a diet that is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants (fruits and vegetables) help to protect brain cells. Similarly food that’s rich in saturated fat (red meat, whole milk, butter, cheese etc.) impairs concentration and also increases the risk of dementia.

You can also refer to websites that offer to help people in improving their memory. These websites are full of brain games and techniques that help to keep your memory sharp.

Memory improvement books are also an excellent resource to help people to improve memory. These books showcase unique memory improvement techniques and games that can be put to use with ease.

The author is an expert on memory improvement techniques and has written several articles on memory improvement.

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