Memory improving techniques

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Memory improving techniques

Article by Bob Fisher

There are several memory improving techniques than you can use to improve your memory. Here is a list of 5 memory improving techniques that you should definitely try!

Memory improving technique #1:

Exercise your brain and memory daily! Practice makes perfect. You won’t get a photographic memory just by wishing for it. Play as many memory games as you can. It can be top 20 lists (movies, books, songs, etc…), finding item pairs game, or just pick up a deck of cards and try to remember as many cards as you can.

Memory improving technique #2:

Read books. Studies have shown that people who read a lot of books have a better memory. So get yourself a couple of books and start reading them. It does not have to be on specific times, you can read while riding the bus, on your break, or while you are waiting for an appointment.

Memory improving technique #3:

Take care of your body. Make sure you sleep and eat well. Drink a lot of water. Don’t try to remember information when you are tired or hungry. Remember to take breaks, as your brain needs time to process this all new information, you don’t want to overdo it and exhaust yourself.

Memory improving technique #4:

Use as many senses as you can to help your remember. It can be reading out loud what you are trying to remember or even listening to specific song, try and see what works for you the best. You can even try and stimulate your sense of touch or rub a part of your hand while you are trying to remember something new.

Memory improving technique #5:

Use special memory improving techniques for remembering information. For example, we remember better a moving object than a static standing still one. Then when you try to remember numbers try to remember your hand’s fingers holding that number instead. Or try to visualize what you are trying to remember, imagine the most outrages and funny scenarios to help you remember better.

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