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More at www.iGodMind.com HEADPHONES REQUIRED Use this video to help you study, improve memory and retention, and increase your capacity to absorb knowledge. Uses spoken subliminal commands that are embedded into the soundtrack, barely perceivable by the conscious mind, but able to go directly to your subconscious. Some of the SPOKEN subliminal commands include you are extremely intelligent and well-read in your field you are exceptionally intelligent you are continuously improving your mind you are constantly improving your understanding of things you are brilliant! you are becoming more and more knowledgeable every day you are becoming an expert you are as knowledgeable as anyone in your field you are an enthusiastic student of life. you are always open to wisdom and learning. you are always open for improvement. you are always keen to learn new things you are always keen to expand your mind you are a quick study you are a permanent student of life you are a master at what you do you are a genius at what you do. you are a genius you are the master of your memory you are extremely grateful for your brilliant memory you are able to remember all knowledge stored in your subconscious mind …and hundreds more
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24 Responses to “Memory & Study – Powerful Subliminal Binaural Beats”

  1. iGodMindTy says:

    The full versions are at igodmind.com

  2. 1996HARISH says:


  3. lightbrownpoop says:

    great job, this is the best hobby a person can have. what’s better than reprogramming your mind with positive suggestions? feel free to check out my latest subliminal video’s i put together. keep up the great work!

  4. erickdircks says:

    Very Nice! Thanks for sharing!

  5. iGodMindTy says:

    Very happy to hear of your positive results. More videos coming soon.

  6. tasaras93 says:

    keep working.in only one month with GoingDeep ,attract success and money i have reached a peak perfomance i could say.Now i think its time to study so lets watch this video!! You are the best!

  7. valchacon33 says:


  8. OfficialCillaCasey says:

    I dont know if i am using this video right, maybe its just not for me? or maybe im too stressed to allow it to work

  9. OfficialCillaCasey says:

    I dont know if i am using this video right, maybe its just not for me? or maybe im too stressed to allow it to work

  10. OfficialCillaCasey says:

    I dont know if i am using this video right, maybe its just not for me? or maybe im too stressed to allow it to work

  11. vTHExUNKNOWENv says:

    Thx.. This was great to watch n listing to.. I feel like going to China now… But maybe Hillbillys should watch it this n maybe with all there inbeering n Dumb culture they can become normal 4 once… Sick of hillbillys all over

  12. iGodMindTy says:

    Thank you. Then I’ll keep doing it.

  13. 29fullmetal29 says:

    You are doing a great job..

  14. iGodMindTy says:

    You’ll find it here as long as you meditate on what you seek while you watch.

  15. iGodMindTy says:

    So is your comment. Thanks! Hope this helps you focus and relax.

  16. ReecetheLionheart says:


  17. iGodMindTy says:

    Thanks I appreciate your comments. Glad to help you relax.

  18. TaihaLee11 says:

    I feel more relaxed immediately. I love the plethora of perspectives of such simple shapes. I like to think that this is the type of experience we have after death, seeing the way shapes shift, expand and reflect the actions of another tells us a lot about the workings of our relationships with others as well as ourselves.

    Great job!

  19. iGodMindTy says:

    This 40 minute video isn’t available as a free download yet. The SOUNDTRACK to this video which is full of auditory subliminals is downloadable. On the Facebook fan page there’s a tab that says “FREE SUBLIMINAL AUDIO”. All you do is click, share, then download. You CAN get another free 40 minute VIDEO download at iGodMind.com.

  20. abs1214 says:

    I’ve singed up the facebbok page but no 40minutes full version of this video. I’v nothing to download.

  21. iGodMindTy says:

    This video uses auditory subliminal commands, so you can hear them. It was designed so that you can use it without viewing, so you can turn it on in the background while you study or meditate. But headphones are needed for the full effect.

  22. abs1214 says:

    Do I need to watch the video to make this very effective or listening to the sound is enough to get the full effect of it?

  23. iGodMindTy says:

    Glad you liked it. Have you “liked” our Facebook paged and signed up for the free 40 minute soundtrack that was used in this video?


  24. tkdwoman says:

    OUTSTANDING! awesome one! I loved it! Thank you!

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