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Memory by Sugarcult with lyrics
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Your Friends Need This
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25 Responses to “Memory-Sugarcult”

  1. AnaRp1103 says:

    why is the other like button inverted vertically????

  2. ChurchRosary77 says:

    i think youtube should move the dislike button becasue someone got confused between the two becasue theyre so close together

  3. Tawnyshine says:

    @SchoolAnnoyence but that makes me sad, because that means only 6 (now 7) people have liked this in a week D:

  4. SchoolAnnoyence says:

    @ShiftAero Only one person did… not me… i was the 201 like…

  5. Mr7355608 says:

    you must listen this song in acoustic it rocks

  6. SethGX says:

    iz that shadow in human form D:

  7. CuteAsABubble says:

    I love this song XD

  8. stevetboqc says:

    wowwwww top musical top 5

  9. ShiftAero says:

    How can anyone dislike this?

  10. HiraiHirata says:

    <3 I believe I have fallen in love with this song

  11. Zairabear says:

    Hey Allen…we like all the same music…too bad you haven’t logged on in years. I can never find guys with the same musical taste as me…

  12. TwinHoN says:

    This video has more meaning than running or dislikes. Listen to the words. Theyre raw, emotional. They FEEEL something.

  13. LadyMeilin says:

    wow i love this song! anyone know any good rock songs like this? i NEEED new music.

  14. Midynight123 says:

    I’m in the mood to grab my air guitar and start rocking out on top of a car after listening to this song…. Who’s with me??? 😀

  15. ForestFire1234 says:

    @MauriSloane00 1 person mistaked dislike as dis i like

  16. ForestFire1234 says:

    @ichigoesblade 1 dislike, I think the person thought it ment dis i like

  17. BabyJen842 says:

    I love this song 🙂

  18. chabrastamepues says:

    This is a great song to start out a 10K run to. Really gets me in a good mood to run!

  19. genesisinoa says:

    Love the song!

  20. MauriSloane00 says:

    no dislikes, YEAH!!!!! <3

  21. MauriSloane00 says:

    no dislikes, YEAH!!!!! <3

  22. caiahjoy56 says:

    @ichigoesblade oh lol ment to push the thumbs up not down, sorry

  23. ichigoesblade says:

    No dislikes that shows awesomeness!

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