Memory Tricks and Games

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (7) Learn how to improve your memory. This free class covers memory improvement techniques to help you remember more of the th…
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7 Responses to “Memory Tricks and Games”

  1. Christopher Leech says:

    you messed up with the second example for “chunking” memory technique (between 7-9min); you originally asked us to memorize X-IBM-PHD-SAT-MTV-X, but you end up telling us the answer (which is incorrect) is X-IBM-SAT-PHD-MTV-X; you reversed PHD-SAT.

  2. usownu says:

    40 (over the hill) 21(drinking age) 11 ( lucky number)

  3. usownu says:

    At 12:30 on May, 15th 845 people boarded a bus on 937th street

  4. usownu says:

    yeah, at 8:31 you done messed up.

  5. Ashley Janvier says:


  6. Ashley Janvier says:

    Thank you for this video! I couldn’t memory improving anywhere!!!

  7. GodVlogger says:

    great video.
    inspiring me to work on my memory.

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