Mind Trick – Bus Ride (Memory Game) – HD

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Are your mind working good ??? Lets test the power of your memory in this video memory game. This video was developed by myself using stop motion technology….

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25 Responses to “Mind Trick – Bus Ride (Memory Game) – HD”

  1. אביגיל לוסאדה says:

    what a great video
    so you thank your that smart trye this !

  2. ka-yo fuffany-fussany says:

    ◇ Are your mind working good ???
    This video was developed by myself using stop motion technology.
    Mind Trick – Bus Ride (Memory Game) – HD

  3. bijendra shrestha says:

    the answer is easy…………..ii’s my own name ……….bcause i am the
    bus driver……………….isn’t it??????????/

  4. 4everown says:

    Lafdeb is the name of Bus driver.

  5. Mark Anthony Atienza says:


  6. IF Arts Creations says:

    Thats the point Confused is relationed on illusions 😀

  7. IF Arts Creations says:

    Which is your doubt ??? Work with all ppl lol Pay attention

  8. IF Arts Creations says:

    If i say it …not fun 😀 try again!!!

  9. IF Arts Creations says:

    Sry this is not the correct answer

  10. HiltownJoe says:

    I asked this riddle to 20 people and everybody had a different answer, but
    all of them where right… CONFUSING

  11. IF Arts Creations says:

    Well man sorry but this is not the right answer :/

  12. dialgoraxx says:

    13! So, what is the name of the bus driver?

  13. eddy8496 says:

    @IFARTSCREATIONS and the people left in the bus are 9 + me (the bus driver)
    = 10

  14. maytagrsacc says:

    was the bus driver mexican?

  15. kokotiti says:

    Lol! The name of bus driver is… “_____” (that depends)

  16. Amanda Parker says:

    easiest puzzle ever

  17. ripup4 says:

    lol i was like wtf wat a waste of my time and then i realiesed the joke : )

  18. Alan Fung says:

    lol so funny hahaha excellent work

  19. Max8192 says:

    16 including bus driver. And the bus driver’s name was max.

  20. Pivotist says:

    xD hahaahahahahha i like that really lol that was really funny ahh good one
    5/5/ and fav

  21. IF Arts Creations says:

    Just in the begin of travel…after pppl goin in and out …not just
    you…this is about u not about me lol 😛

  22. IF Arts Creations says:

    maybe…if u ar a mexican guy…yes then lol

  23. thethefreedom1 says:

    soo easy

  24. Terrence Sos says:

    its just you in the bus.

  25. IF Arts Creations says:

    If is short the joke no hv sense 😀

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