Minecraft: Survival Games! Ep. 220 – In Memory of Papi

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Some people question why I like to share personal information like this to my heaters. I sometimes wonder the same thing, but then I remember because my heaters are awesome and that I love…
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25 Responses to “Minecraft: Survival Games! Ep. 220 – In Memory of Papi”

  1. iSeeB1urry says:

    Anyone else cry in this? ;(

  2. CHRIS STRAIT says:

    I remember your father. We met at several fights and gyms, when I was
    boxing and writing for boxing websites. I sat 8 rows back when he had an
    absolute brawl with Reggie Roberts. Reggie was murdered in 2002. I
    watched him get off the canvas 3 times, and beat Julian Letterlough in the
    2001 fight of the year. Julian was murdered in 2005. Not sure what it is
    about darkness that follows so many boxers, but it typically does. 

  3. Tiffany Vuong says:

    Rip papi I feel you tomahawk my father pasted too when I was four but I
    feel you I feel you

  4. Christina Sanchez says:

    What kind of asshole would dislike?!?!

  5. juliette benjamin says:

    If I could like this video 5 million times, I would. 

  6. ksmith42 says:

    Never lost a parent, but my grandmother died in November 2012 as a result
    of a failed surgery. I was at home here in Arizona while my mom went to
    Illinois to see her mother while she went into surgery. My grandmother was
    a smoker but had quit 3 years before, and a part of her throat had
    collapsed during the surgery. We were all devastated. My mom had become a
    different person after her mother’s death, and I began noticing it. My
    parents had stopped fighting with eachother, and actually rarely
    communicated about anything. Then May of 2014 my parents told me and my 2
    siblings that they were going to divorce. If you’ve read this far, all I
    have to say is; shit happens, no matter who or what kind of person you are.
    The day my grandmother died was when my family started going to shit and
    everyday I think about how I could’ve prevented it and how it was my fault.
    Even though I’m 99% sure that it wasn’t my fault, I still feel the guilt,
    even if I shouldn’t. Cherish every moment you have with your family,
    because divorce and death can come at anytime. 

  7. Nerdy_Miner says:

    Your a strong person. Your dad won the heavy weight champion, and you won
    the championship of bravery. You are truly amazing. I think you are a
    champion. I love you Julio, -loyal subscriber

  8. TheLuckySeven says:

    I don’t remember what I said last to my grandfather besides bye but I
    remember very clearly he shook my hand and it was freezing cold and it
    wasn’t even winter

  9. acacia borchardt says:

    tomahawk, i too have lost my father. i know how you feel. my father passed
    away when i was 1 year old because of a lung transplant. its good that you
    talk about it. thanks for posting it , im glad i can relate.

  10. ThatOneMe DontHate says:

    This is why you don’t drink and drive! It may not be the drunk persons life
    that is lost, but whoever was the victim of the crash.

  11. ThatOneTomahawk says:

    Time to share what is probably the most personal thing I have ever shared
    on the Internet!

  12. Emma Cutter says:

    tomahawk u deserve all the things u have u r a great guy

  13. Emilse Palencia says:

    it’s ok Tomahawk, i know how you feel… my mom & brother always use to
    fight & now he’s in jail & he’s been there for 3 years & still hasn’t
    gotten out. & my dad is usually never home & never has time for me. just
    keep your head up really high. you have us by your side

  14. Sammy_d1 says:

    I’m doing a project on your papi for Spanish class

  15. Angello Mendoza says:

    I cried..

  16. Jose Herrera says:

    Who the f is this dude? 

  17. Sian Smith says:

    It would appear I’m super late for this. But I hope everything is feeling
    somewhat better and easier to cope with. <3

  18. Sasha Johnston says:

    Who dislikes this? I mean, what’s the point. There’s no ‘proper’ reason to
    dislike this video because there’s nothing bad to it…
    I guess that it’s just some trolls, but still…

  19. Arrow In Your Boosack says:

    God bless you, Julio Cesar Gonzales, Jr.

  20. Greenykool says:

    I kept having to pause the video and go watch another one for like a 1
    minute then coming bck here and continuing for like 3 minutes so that I
    wouldn’t cry D:

  21. Pipps THG says:

    I totally understand when you talk about how you never think that this may
    be your last goodbye with someone. My Dad passed away unexpectedly and
    tragically too, and I always think about the last time I spoke to him 

  22. MsSomethingAwesome says:

    Julio, you’re so awesome. I don’t even know how you can talk about
    something like this and I know you probably hate hearing praises on this
    topic by now and I can’t talk for anyone else, but I really appreciate the
    story. I hope that you’ll always be able to remember your father the way
    that he would probably want you to. <3

  23. Gabby S. says:

    My mom died in 2010. It’s kind of blurry in my memory because it was just
    so scary and life changing, kind of like you said. I remember at her
    funeral everyone trying to make me look at her in the coffin and I just sat
    in the back and refused. I didn’t want to see her lifeless. It was scary.
    When people say things like “I hate my mom.” or anything like that I
    immediately think about how much they would regret that if something were
    to happen to theirs. It’s life changing, it really is. And it sucks. I’m
    not going to say sorry like everyone else, because I hate it when people
    say sorry to me, so I’m sure you do too(and you said it kind of). But glad
    you’ve moved on from it, I have too, and not being sad all the time really
    does make a difference. RIP.

  24. TheGamingFlash says:

    it almost made me cry :(

  25. TimberHDGaming says:

    I really respect you for going through this and not asking for pity. I call
    my dad Papi too and the title of the video hit me right in the heart I
    don’t know what I would do without my Papi. R.I.P. Papi.

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