Multi Sensory Memory Processing

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19 Responses to “Multi Sensory Memory Processing”

  1. oliverburke says:

    I thought she might’ve chosen 5 for the number of senses, but she blew that guess when she only went with 4 examples of which 3 were senses. She knows her cars, though, eh?

  2. DrPsyced says:

    I thinks she was nervous and jumbled a bunch of the terms

  3. jjojjorge says:

    These people are like persons solving puzzles within their three-dimensional perspective; thinking they are at the top… Contrarily, a person who understands and resides in higher dimensions, can express it with fewer words ( Conclusive words )

  4. Dazzletoad says:

    I find it astonishing how people with a memory so bad they cant remember ‘E5’ will remember the smelly orange elephant smashing up the carpark with a Mercedes advertisement on it xD

  5. Melourn says:

    So, E5 = an Orange elephant that smells like manure, likes to stomp on cars, and helps you to get the new E5 Mercedes by destroying your old car?

  6. kular22 says:

    Is this her friendly way of telling the reporter that her car is crappy?

  7. magmatic123 says:

    smart people sometimes outsmart themselves

  8. magmatic123 says:

    that girl looks like misha barton

  9. suckfist says:

    1:25  Uh, wasn’t it E6?

  10. Freedomdemon91 says:

    What’s the name of the woman?
    I really hope to now more about memory..

  11. jfriesen39 says:

    I think I already watched this video but I can’t remember…

  12. LucentTwinkle says:

    lol wth elephant smashing your car to get an e5 holy crap that’s some imagination

  13. HalfEatenDimSim says:

    Remember Eric
    Remember Eric Planensek
    Remember Eric Planensek’s
    Summer Sale
    230 Brunswick St.
    230 Brunswick St.

  14. japanNuke says:

    well… but You rememerd it correctly
    sly woman ;)

  15. Smokey94462 says:

    wow the lady is giving tips on how to improve you’re memory and she forgot that she said E6 at the last session

  16. MyownMusicGroup says:

    ahm in the first video u said E6 not E5 🙂 bad memory O_o

  17. OrganizationsIV says:

    That was awesome! I’ll definitely remember sensory memory now!

  18. limegirl217 says:

    oh wow i wonder what goes on in her head…lol…um i think i wuill just remeber

     E5 but thanx

  19. mttellek says:

    She would be a hillarious professor. Thanks for sharing.

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