Multiplication Memorization (and why it’s not so hard)

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Anya’s guide to memorizing the multiplication table up to 10 times 10, and why it’s not so hard… Sort of a final project for our year of homeschooling. Wit…
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7 Responses to “Multiplication Memorization (and why it’s not so hard)”

  1. Luigi Rubinacci says:

    very good !!! we loved it ….

  2. Moges Giorgis says:

    This is great, logic always works.

  3. emonsterman says:

    That little girl sounds so cute and smart!

  4. Michael Gorman says:

    Very Cool, I was always terrible at maths but if I knew this stuff I would have been O.K..thanks!

  5. Spencer Churchill says:

    well, they’re my elementary school years summed up into 3 minutes and 50 seconds.

  6. xpand1992 says:

    im 21 years old…….that was awsome

  7. shanelle duran says:

    my kid dosent even now this stuff

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