National Geographic Brain Games Memory Guy | How to Memorize Cards

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (7) Visit this link to get video on card memorization Ron White was on the National Geo…
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7 Responses to “National Geographic Brain Games Memory Guy | How to Memorize Cards”

  1. Natt Tan says:

    Hats off ! #GodBless always Mr.Ron White !

  2. Giratina Lord says:


  3. Hanamichi Sakugari says:

    Hey Ron, love your videos. Speaking of singing, have you came up with a technique that helps you memorize music/melody, whether its been by ear, by reading a sheet music, or by simply coming up with a tune?

    I always get frustrated when I come up with this awesome tune in my head but I fail to reproduce it 2 minutes later.

  4. rxxxxxxxxxxr says:

    Haahaha your singing! I’m on day 6 of your memory training and I’m really looking forward to understanding your methods. Thank you so so much for sharing your knowledge with the world! It’s one of the most selfless things you could do.

  5. NYWAORCANZ says:

    the Queen of Hearts…I think I will think of Monica Bellucci and I could think of meny actions for her.

  6. berthely says:

    I really enjoy watching your videos.

  7. van1976 says:

    I like this singing…wouldn’t we remember things more if we hear Ron singing…Now I’ll always remember him holding the Jack of Clubs singing Ring of Fire… lol

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