Obama Gets National Debt Memory Lesson | Brain Games Number Memory

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (6) Link above for my pictures for numbers 1-1000. (seriously) Ok, folks, I realize I may get some kick back here and most…
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6 Responses to “Obama Gets National Debt Memory Lesson | Brain Games Number Memory”

  1. Neueregel says:

    16 trillion is 16,000,000,000,000 $ or (1.6 x 10^13 $) or 50 Grand (50,000
    $) per capita/for each US citizen.. Way too much

  2. GodVlogger says:

    Hi, Ron. I had a similar reaction when I saw Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his
    “oops moment” where he was unable to name the three Federal government
    departments that he would do away with if elected president. In that case
    it was he himself who brought up the topic, making him look worse in the
    Republican primary. His lead up was really good during that monologue of
    his until he blew it by simply failing to remember the third item in his
    own list. It was a shame because then he gets judged on failure to remember
    (in a high-pressure nationally televised live debate, Where many people
    would have a mental blank at times) rather than the quality of his plan.
    Politicians from all parties could benefit from your memory techniques so
    they could better communicate their ideas to the public and be more
    knowledgeable off-the-cuff when forming actual decisions/opinions/etc. on
    matters of public interest. 

  3. PureAwsomeness says:

    I can’t bring myself to practice my memory, I feel like trying to memorize
    a few digits or a few items by assigning many pictures or places is too
    much to be memorable than rote. How can i help it? 

  4. Kevin Yeats says:

    With some luck, we will inaugurate a new President in 2015 (Hoping for a
    resignation or impeachment).

  5. ronnie white says:

    My advice to Obama on how to memorize national debt # :)

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