OPEN FOCUS™ Inspired Brain Exercise with Music

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Close your eyes for best results, This exercise is an adaptation of a process that Thom Hartmann, (thomhartmann.com) a leader in the field of attention deficit disorder, uses. He adapted his exercise from one that Dr. Les Fehmi, (openfocus.com), a pioneer of neurofeedback developed over 40 years. I have trained with Dr. Fehmi since Feb. 2008 and he plays music along with the exercises during feedback sessions, so I thought I’d try it with this one. if you would like to see what it’s like at Dr. Fehmi’s Biofeedback Centre, then keep eyes open to see photos from one of my sessions. Go through the following steps. Every time you change focus on a different sensory system, your brain waves will spike in the alpha range. 1. Visual Sense: Sit in a comfortable position and just look at what you are seeing as if for the first time. Just notice all of the details, the colors, brightness, textures, the clarity and the sizes of what you are seeing. 2. Auditory Sense: Now, while still looking at whats in front of you, notice the sounds in the room. Listen, you may even be hearing the sounds of silence. All of the sounds are incredibly interesting. You are still aware of what you are seeing, and now you have added the quiet interest in sounds. 3. Body Sensations or feelings: Now, slowly allow your attention to shift to the sensations in your body. Notice the way that your clothes feel on your skin, your arms at your sides, and the weight of your body on your butt and thighs. Feel your
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25 Responses to “OPEN FOCUS™ Inspired Brain Exercise with Music”

  1. clonbrook says:

    I really enjoyed this, thanks

  2. skyjuke2006 says:

    unluckly, I cannot understand clearly her instructions!

  3. cbmp23 says:

    it helped until the picture of the lady popped up…….

  4. murdoc750 says:

    time to do some homework o yeahh

  5. LearningArcade says:

    I’m going to re-record this exercise with something much quieter in the background. Thanks to the thousands of you who listened, subscribed and offered your constructive criticism.

  6. sewerface says:

    Yeah, this music has _got_ to go.

  7. The3nlightened0ne says:

    WOWWWW, this is brilliant!
    I’m subscribing

  8. MartinPlanner2 says:

    This is what’s called hipnosis…also referred as MIND CONTROL…it moves your mind and abuses you…this should be taken down from here…it’s pure amnipulation.

  9. 5314829 says:

    Thank you for this video. I shall, however, be even more grateful if you get round to redoing the video with somewhat quieter music!

  10. 911esteban07 says:

    OMG this works

  11. lowrider692 says:

    thx…keep focus..hehehe

  12. 12connection says:

    @Airfresh0 not the same.. but are there some similarities!?
    being relaxed, alpha brain waves….
    I think there are some simmilarities?! do you think the same way?
    is it like being high but without bad stuff that weed brigns??..?

  13. Airfresh0 says:

    @12connection y don’t u smoke a bowl and tell me urself hahahaha. no its not like getting high.

  14. 12connection says:

    is it like getting high?? please tell me

  15. DrewLizBarnes says:

    <3 relaxing.

  16. TripleLish says:

    wow amazing

  17. returnoftheramble3 says:

    yeah, I can’t understand music anymore, but I use it.

  18. guitar49 says:

    I love the guitar chord progression.Very relaxing!

  19. LearningArcade says:

    one of these days I will redo this with better, quieter music. The exercise and one year of Open Focus with Dr. Fehmi were the most effective way I’ve found to help quiet down the ‘noise’ of ADD. Thanks to all who have watched, listened, commented.

  20. JeFFeRsOn11372 says:

    Thank you for the person who made possible the making of this video i have add and its hard to deal with but after i see this video i have a little more compassions for others and myslf

  21. TheDattakafka says:

    turn the volume down

  22. daggerkind says:

    It is difficult to hear the directions over the music.

  23. flynriun says:

    Thank you

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