Photographic Memory Test:Stephen draws Tokyo from memory

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Photographic Memory Test:Stephen draws Tokyo from memory

One of Stephen’s extraordinary abilities is to memorize landscapes up to the highest detail. During this flight he had a thorough look at the view of the Japanese capital from the helicopter including thousands of buildings, towers, high-ways, cars, buses, even down to intricate details of trees and windows.

Following the 30 minutes ride Stephen seemed to be very excited and ready for the challenge.

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25 Responses to “Photographic Memory Test:Stephen draws Tokyo from memory”

  1. Carson C says:

    Cool story, but it seems as if it were filmed with a toaster.

  2. tor0835 says:


  3. aldomartinez455 says:

    autistic or not.. this is fucking amazing 🙂

  4. Filip Avdić says:

    I would be glad to find a mistake :3

  5. asapwe says:

    mother of godd

  6. Alexander Klebingat says:

    Wow that is one memory

  7. lannamann20 says:

    And when I say disabilities I mean no disrespect in anyway please don’t take it that way 🙂 Stephen you have a lot of respect from me!

  8. lannamann20 says:

    I love to see people with disabilities proving the world wrong! Just like the Olympic runner from south Africa!

  9. vongerful says:

    That drawing must worth alot of money

  10. KoukiMS6 says:

    I wonder if he is selling these things or donating them? Im sure they are worth some bank.

  11. smashnukkles says:

    hahaha that’s awesome.

  12. Angelina Jip says:

    He visited Pratt in Brooklyn Campus and draw NYC

  13. Vaggos Aptly says:

    ‘! ! !

  14. MeteoraXV says:

    So, all you racists out there. What now huh?

  15. simsniper says:

    He missed a bit

  16. Sam Gibbs says:

    I am sure his drawing is much higher resolution than this video…..

  17. Jackbt12345 says:

    He has an eidetic memory and is moderately autistic. no, you can’t just buy or develop an eidetic memory by painting 12-18 hours a day. He would have to be a good artist aswell though but this is well, Superhuman.

  18. Ayokalyb says:

    This isn’t evolution. We all have the potential to do anything we set our minds too, so don’t fool yourself into believing you weren’t born with the capacity for something like this. I promise you this man was drawing 12-18 hours a day since he was very young. Lots of hard work go into things like this.

  19. samm1809 says:

    No, because bright people generally speaking don’t choose to have kids, Autistic people least of all. Meanwhile, masses of people of below average intelligence breed way more than they should.

  20. derbigpr500 says:

    Makes you realize how much unused potential there is in the human brain…some day when we all evolve, this kind of ability and many more amazing things will be normal.

  21. Tacomadome24 says:

    Jaw dropping isn’t it.

  22. linkshandig1 says:

    its underpressed to the most of us, we already have it in us…

  23. emansandude says:

    Finally a black man with a talent besides singing or selling drugs! -_-

  24. SkateForLife2499 says:

    Could be photographic memory…

  25. SizLow92 says:

    @AskariWaryaa I have a question, are you german by any chance?

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