Pimp Your Brain With Online Brain Training Games

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www.MyLumosity.com – FREE Online Brain Training Games For the last year I’ve been testing an online brain training game resource – my ‘secret weapon’ to increase my brain’s ability to focus for extended periods of time. In this video, * You’ll learn the FIVE most important areas of your brain that you need to exercise if you want to make sure that your brain performs better as you get older. * I’ll show you around my favorite online brain training game and * I’ll show you how you can access these cool brain games for free. Lumosity is my favorite resources. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought of their Brain Training Games.

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6 Responses to “Pimp Your Brain With Online Brain Training Games”

  1. 1rj800 says:

    alternative: quantified-mind(dot)com

  2. MariiaMify says:

    Download Brain Training Games From CogniFit at >> randbhistory.250x.com

  3. roge69charger says:

    Still is expensive, There are alternatives.

  4. MarkMillionaireGuru says:

    Hello designerlifecom

    I have to admit I am very impressed with the quality of your videos here on youtube.

    They are certainly a pleasure to watch as I do enjoy them.

    I am sure there is many others who also feel the same about your videos.

    Mark McCulloch

  5. bigfatbrownbean says:

    I currently have premium.
    What plan did you obtain?

  6. bytedildo says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that brain is a muscle….ROFL!

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