Piracetam helps improve memory and brain functionality

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Piracetam helps improve memory and brain functionality

Article by Johnwilson

Our brain is the central commander of our body. Any wrong instruction can harm our system and cripple us for lifetime. It becomes imperative to treat any malfunctioning and boost the brain’s activities. People generally tend to ignore the early symptoms of brain disorders. The problem multiplies posing serious threats to the brain. New breed of drugs known as ‘nootropils’ are available in the market that help stimulate the brain activities. They are different from other over-the-counter medicines because they improve functioning of the brain minus the side effects. These improve memory, attention, and intelligence. With the help of these wonder drugs you can now think of becoming the next Einstein. Piracetam is a new drug on the anvil that improves memory and stimulates brain functioning without any toxicity. It works selectively by boosting the Corpus Callosum area of the brain. It refers to that area of the brain where two hemispheres- creative and logic of the brain are combined. By working directly on this area, it allows the user to draw greater brain potential. It successfully helps in treating alcohol and alcohol withdrawal symptom in animals and humans. It also helps in effectively treating Alzheimer’s disease, senile involution dementia. It aids recovery from aphasia after stroke by improving speech impairment by restoring functioning of limbs, speech, and EEG. It has proved beneficial for people suffering from acute cerebral ischaemeia. It helps improves memory, socialisation skills, and cooperation among patients suffering from mild diffuse cerebral impairment. Scientists have also confirmed that this wonder drug Piracetam helps increase reading comprehension skills and accuracy among dyslexic children. It increased reading, writing, and learning skills among dyslexic children. It eradicates the cognitive defects caused by anti-elliptic drugs. It also reverses the typical EEG slowing effects experienced by elderly patients. It increases the alpha and beta of EEG activity and reducing delta and theta EEG activity that simultaneously increases vigilance, attention, and memory. It also helps the elderly patients in combating with age-related memory problems. This medicine helps in memory consolidation and memory recall. This ‘nootropil’ can be combined with other cognitive enhancers like DMAE, Centrophenoxine, and Choline. The cumulative effect produced by this combination surpasses the individual effect of the drug.Limit the dosage of Piracetam to three tablets of 800 mg twice a day and gradually lowering it to one or two tablet after few weeks. Remember, when taken in combination, the individual dosage should be limited. Side effects in the form of nausea and headaches may be experienced. Piracetam is creating ripples and helping people worldwide to battle the brain problems more effectively.

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John Wilson is a health specialist in an America,Doing practicing in a hospital since 2002.Now john wilson hang with researching on a mental health. While doing practice,He found piracetam is very effective medicine to improve memory.

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