Practicing Audition Monologues : Memorizing Monologues

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Memorizing lines is one of the hardest parts of acting. Get tips for memorizing monologues in this free video clip about performing monologues for acting auditions. Expert: Tracy Goodwin Bio: Tracy Goodwin has a masters in corporate communication and 10 years experience in professional speaking. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA
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25 Responses to “Practicing Audition Monologues : Memorizing Monologues”

  1. staryel says:

    I’ve always been able´╗┐ to memorize lines really easily ­čÖé

  2. lilmissprinceton44 says:

    woww this isgreat i really need dis im bout´╗┐ to do these hs adutions ur a life saver

  3. AirplaneOfDreams says:

    Hey Everyone Check Out My Videos Of Me Doing Monologues : )´╗┐

  4. DJRick313rd says:

    @TheKarlez ´╗┐ Hope everything worked out at the audition!

  5. jgm1234567 says:

    “memorize the first part first, and the last part last…..then memorize the middle”…..ok, that didnt make any sense…if you memorize the last part last, then why would you memorize the middle AFTER memorizing the last part?….wouldnt that mean you will have memorized the middle´╗┐ part, LAST?

  6. okfriedrice says:

    OH MY GOD, THANKYOU SO MUCH! you are a lifesaver!´╗┐

  7. hmfrx says:

    this stupid´╗┐ woman…

  8. bluepastry says:

    another POV´╗┐

  9. HeyyMiaa says:

    What play is it´╗┐ that she is saying? I did that same play last year, and I would like the title, please?!?!?!?!? I’m doing an audition for High School…..

  10. MrPlaiedes says:

    what if you don’t own a´╗┐ mirrah?

  11. TheRilesFiles says:

    @stabilobrudders You’re obviously not an actor. Change´╗┐ your brain.

  12. tatripp says:

    i think you´╗┐ mean to memorize the last part second

  13. moo2u2186 says:

    this rly helped´╗┐ thx

  14. PeriquinTV says:

    you’re pretty´╗┐ cool. ­čśë

  15. victoriapengilley says:

    reciting lines in front of mirrors is number one mistake for acting full stop. You become too self concious and start to focus on your appearence rather than finding the truth in the scene/script. It means that you can’t ‘let it all go’ when you´╗┐ preform it.

  16. TheKarlez says:

    Great´╗┐ tips!! I have an audition (just for our school play) tomorrow after school.. though I was stupid and didn’t start memorizing until last night! I have it.. but I have to think about it first, I am trying to get it, like she said, solid. The line by line thing might help.. I just know the only way to do it is to say it over and over, theres no short cut. Thanks for all your videos and tips!!!

  17. hytiufff says:

    really´╗┐ helpful ­čÖé

  18. pluttrick says:

    @stabilobrudders Here’s a chocker for you: Acting is NOT real life. It´╗┐ imitates real life, and to be able to do that with some credibility you have to memorize your lines. Unless it’s improv, but thats a different story. Memorizing doesnt get you stuck in a hole, not knowing your lines does.

  19. 1Vella says:

    @stabilobrudders You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about….. Are you´╗┐ saying that you shouldn’t memorize lines for monologues?
    You should know the monologue word by word, inside and out, and then you can really focus on the emotion of it.

  20. Sweetstain12 says:


  21. cherylnyc89 says:

    Thanks so much, I have an audition´╗┐ coming up in less than a week for a summer program and this helps a lot!

  22. stabilobrudders says:

    what are you teaching? you’re teaching how to memorize lines which is not what the monologue is intended for, the monologue is an exercise in relaying the thoughts of the character. in real life do you know what you’re going to say-no you don’t.
    i guess once you’ve ‘memorized’´╗┐ the lines then that’s it? you’ve memorized the memorization of saying the lines the same way over and over again, now you’re in hole cause you cant say your lines in any other way, only the way you’ve ‘memorized’ it.

  23. NiyatG001 says:

    just put everything else to the back of your head and try not to focus on anything but´╗┐ your lines. but don’t try to squeeze them out. just pretend your a natural. (which you might be.)

  24. ToughLoveActingNYC says:

    Why do´╗┐ you blink your eyes so much when you are talkin’?

  25. kitty35343 says:

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