Preparing for the February 2015 Bar Exam – Part I (Memorization Techniques)

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As you prepare for the February 2015 Bar Exam, you’ll want to make sure you watch Dr. Dennis Saccuzzo, psychologist and attorney, present powerful memory con…
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5 Responses to “Preparing for the February 2015 Bar Exam – Part I (Memorization Techniques)”

  1. Joshua Blessman says:

    Wow! Hope it works. I take the bar in about a month.

  2. Alphonsus Jr. says:

    The Bar Secrets materials are golden. 

  3. Gary Christmas says:

    Being able to recall is key to proper memorization.


    Thanks. This is very helpful in my next try for Bar Exam.

  5. Randy Babi says:

    I am going to use these methods, especially taking notes on my notes and
    organizing them. Thanks for the video!

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