Quantum Physic applied to Mind Power – Part 3 of 10

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Philosophers, gurus, yogis, thinkers, masters, etc…, thoughts their empirical thinkings were thruths. They are today validated by quantum physic. We are all mighty : proof in the videos…enjoy.
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24 Responses to “Quantum Physic applied to Mind Power – Part 3 of 10”

  1. HIVOLTAGEZzz says:

    I am schocked I can’t even move almost xD this is so fucking scary and beautiful, I can’
    t even explain my feelings, wow….

  2. SUBurbanGrower916 says:

    yah, but what do “Blind” people see in the universal world?

  3. heyfkldsm says:

    What I’m trying to say is… Maybe it is ALL just an illusion, all a big creative jungle. We attract all the experiences in life and manipulate and create everything… Ok, so that just makes me wonder: Does the mind ever turn off? Probably not. It creates in the day and it creates at night, when sleeping. So, then that leads me to thinking: Does the mind stay on even in death? NDEs and stories of people seeing heaven and hell while dead. The mind probably created all that.

  4. heyfkldsm says:

    applies to our day to day life… which makes me wonder, where’s the real life after all? Maybe dreams are just an extension of the creative process and they are indeed a very real part of our reality. Not that I’m saying they are not already believed to be very real parts of our reality, but we tend to believe that they are illusions of the mind. But we can manipulate our waking lives just as much as dream life so, maybe our waking lives are just the same as dream life?

  5. heyfkldsm says:

    Every dream we have seems to have variety yet our lives remain very stable in many ways. We wake up in the same bed, in the same community, with a lot of familiarity. But maybe we have just become to believe this is the REAL life (in comparison to the dream life) because we have that strong belief rooted in our mind that the world is outside of me and it has been there all this time and I can’t change it. In our dreams though, we are the master creators. Now, quantum physics is saying this also

  6. angus2021 says:

    Who’s to say we didn’t create quantum theory ourselves? It is illogical to think that only because it has always existed, meaning we did not create that reality, only God could do so think about it.

  7. PACTAC33 says:

    seems like her throw is a tad bit off lol

  8. boarding5401 says:

    That lil boy got game

  9. DrivenUpTheWall1 says:

    The story to the video is bollocks with a lil black guy on a basketball court trying to teach some annoying deaf bitch to throw ball . Who came up with the shitty storyline to merge in with understanding knowledge of quantum physics!

  10. eyeswideopennimrod says:


    If i walk into a hotel room that i have never seen before, and nobody has told me a thing about that room, how is it i see what everyone else see’s ???

    This would indicate that we are linked in a way that creates a world we all see from our own perspective, and that each mind creates even what it cannot see from it’s location so as the hotel room appears to me alone without another mind physically present to assist in my perception.

    This only makes it more amazing

  11. AntiVaccine2 says:

    @ktbaby077 see my vids&learn herbs as reishi,dill,kelp,kale,dandelion ETC 🙂

  12. cheesemas46 says:

    get your religious bull shit out of here

  13. zoriusth says:

    … God is conciousness

  14. xXTrueSShotX says:

    whats that lil nigga doing without his gun

  15. vuslandal says:

    im addicted and i still got SEVEN PARTS LEFT!!!

  16. lancer050 says:

    Was I meant to be in this movie to have to think about the actual storyline to somehow prevent future events from happening?
    Did I see all this at all?
    Am I here?

    Poor kid, good luck Bizznaz!
    The rabbit hole is deep, You should know your in it!

  17. lancer050 says:

    Little B’baller is gonna flip when he watches this in 15 years while dropping some micro-dots!!
    This poor kid is gonna study every word he said & try to make what we call sense of it?
    Why did I get picked for the role?
    Did I inadvertently choose to be in the right place at the right time?
    Did my being there influence the actual script and therefor did my being there alter the actual fact that I was there?
    Was I meant to be in this movie to have to think about the actual storyline to somehow pre

  18. hartistry1957 says:

    I have, since about 2 years ago; before I ever understood quantum physics, realized that there is a pattern happening in the world: a factor of 2 is everywhere.
    Symmetry is everywhere. Black white, up down, left right, boy girl, matter antimatter; It only makes perfect sense that the physical world is at least plural:)

  19. Ramel34 says:

    This is crazy though. The closer you look at something you see that it’s made of something else, but that something else is made of something else. My mind hurts just thinking about it.

  20. SharpHunnterz says:

    im in 10th grade and trying to understand what the hell this stuff . thanks for making these videos helps alot for my project im doing

  21. duces02 says:

    This is a bunch of metaphysical jargon mixed with physical possibilities

  22. smcccuhk says:

    this theory corresponds to Seth Materials I think, and I believe that too!

    NOW, I am at ease, and the world is perfect and beautiful, and everyone is happy too…just think of that, you’ll get a world you want.

  23. mrmrgeorgieboy says:

    the observer is the soul

  24. smcccuhk says:

    This is REAL!

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