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Don’t wanna miss videos? Follow my Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr! Links below. This is a random puzzle game I found on the internet: you can play it at ————————————————————————— There’s more stuff on the links down here! MORE VIDEOS! TWITTER, FACEBOOK & TUMBLR CLOTHING BUSINESS EMAIL dezmondac at gmail

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25 Responses to “QUICK MEMORIZATION GAME – Camera Mind”

  1. Misterspork57 says:

    It’s really simple…

  2. machielste1 says:

    his name is pronounced : wow {wauw} tur fisser

  3. KEWB99 says:

    @lemonspeeds Every level a circle is added. You click the one that was just added.

  4. TheShadowman60 says:

    Oh wow… you must be the dumbest handful of humans of all time.

  5. ForForm says:

    yeah and to be even more specific about that name: in Holland and Belgium (but originally Holland) ‘ou’ is pronounced like ‘ow’ as in ‘cow’ ^^,

  6. HackersOfComputers says:

    but a LET’S PLAY, not random videos of it.

  7. AdamVenomStudios says:

    i got 29. and all screen was fuckin white!!! (almost)

  8. Jakob1029 says:

    Failed at lvl 1…

  9. mat778 says:

    haha yeah because fuck using a piece of paper. amirite?

  10. lemonspeeds says:

    wtf? i dont understand the game at all…

  11. guitarhero01234 says:

    It’s an incredibly rare game usually found only in Japan. Your best bet is to find a ROM, and there are plenty of LSD ROMs.

  12. guitarhero01234 says:

    Animorphs – Visser 3.

  13. azuritereaction says:

    i just streamed sunday (last sunday) on youtube, will be streaming more eventually on here

  14. Kitrode says:

    Uhm. Dez, are you doing streams anymore? your old account was banned for disobeying the Terms of use. If you still stream sometimes, could you tell me the site, or put it in your next video?

  15. monkario12fan12 says:

    They shoul make this an app ._. I can’t do anything on muh iPod.
    Anyways, congrats on your score of 27.

  16. Jason132able says:

    It’s like a game where you expect a screamer

  17. mrcherrypielord says:

    i meant the video game

  18. robin92101 says:

    Got to 25 anything after that is just nuts

  19. asdf30111 says:

    135 lol.256 is my real best.

  20. bloomalan50 says:

    W pronounced as V.
    Vouter Visser

  21. MrLeft4DeadGlitches says:

    lol I got up to Level 109 by laying my comp flat and putting a white piece of paper over it.

  22. Ronaldus81 says:

    Walter the Fischerman!

  23. azuritereaction says:

    i’ve done like 10+ minecraft videos haha

  24. azuritereaction says:

    damn, belgians got some cool names

  25. tabbyaboutroots says:

    wait fuck it isnt called lumix

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