Retain Information During Study | ‘Accelerated Learning’ | Study Focus / Binaural beats focus

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25) MP3 Download: (*Headphones required*) This binaural/monaural study aid features …

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25 Responses to “Retain Information During Study | ‘Accelerated Learning’ | Study Focus / Binaural beats focus”

  1. 'BinauralBrainwave' - HQ Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones says:

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  2. 'BinauralBrainwave' - HQ Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones says:

    Guys and girls – consider combining Accelerated Learning with this study
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    & Conceration Music
    It utilises ‘spaced repetition’ to help full ingrain your study material

  3. mel williams says:

    lol I feel so smart listening to this, I combined both and it is really
    helping me focus! Thanks! I have a stats exam saturday afternoon. I’ll let
    you know how it went :)

  4. AHMAD KINANI says:

    I feel my brain has been formatted …. 

  5. nin6246 says:

    Can someone please provide me with any studies that prove efficacy of the
    claims in this video? Personally it has helped me focus but it would be
    nice to see conclusive evidence I can provide to skeptics.

  6. GrizzlyFist says:

    if i open like 50 tabs at the same time of these binurals will i become a
    super geniusjesusbuddha?

  7. TheBabane02 says:

    Is this a joke?

  8. maureen buchser says:

    It’s scientifically documented this can work and does work over time! 

  9. Eileen Muñoz says:

    This is awesome! bye bye Methylphenidate! ahahhahaa 

  10. xTypho says:

    Am I supposed to hear this while studying or before?

  11. MrStuntmonkey says:

    Hey, so i have a few projects im working on in reference to Binaural Beats
    an Neurological an Enhancement. I was wondering if you would like to send a
    PM over some ideas and work im doing. LMK Thanks.

  12. steelrain64 says:

    I dont care what people say, this thing actually helped me out. Maybe its
    placebo or something , i dont care

  13. ivonaldo borges says:

    ola amigo sera q voce faz um som para estuda guitarra eletrica

  14. Cristino Souza Junior says:

    wich frequency is this?

  15. RS Ralf says:

    Does pairing this with music affect the effectiveness of the effect we’re
    effectively trying to put into effect?

    Ok. Does music fuck up the results?

  16. Rhafael Ferraz says:

    how to use this? 1 time for day? befor study? or while studying?

  17. Cosmic Jinx says:

    Can anyone explain why when i speak while listening to this i sound the
    same as if i had spoken into a fan ??

  18. Varun Aggarwal says:

    Please could you tell me whether its effectiveness would decrease over time
    if I use it everyday? Thanks!

  19. Donald Kerabatsos says:

    I seriously cannot hear anything. But I’ve been blown up a few times. That
    might have everything to do with it.
    But my brain feels fuzzy and warm sort of, if that makes any sense at all.

  20. Kimberley Bianca says:

    This will relax you. If that’s what you want then great. Isn’t it Beta and
    Gamma waves that are supposed to be associated with higher mental activity?

  21. Haku Yowane says:

    Omg cant hear anything hahahaha WHY GOD WHY ?!?! ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

  22. Christian Chase says:

    I like this tone for study. I like the fact that it is simple and doesn’t
    include other sounds which i find distracting. ty for posting

  23. Emmil Juanir says:

    I usually dont post comments but this ( I believe) works. I was surprised
    to get an almost perfect score during our Salesforce Admin exams…weird
    but it does make you concentrate more. 

  24. Esteban Martin Aguilera says:

    Hey! what up.. can you tell me the name of the soft used to generate the
    video background and the introduction?

  25. yoda13gummybear says:

    This worked really well for me! Definitely recommend!

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