RS NOR Latch Array! Sequential Memory Cell [Advanced Minecraft Redstone Tutorials]

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Dingdong! Today I take a look at how to put RS NOR latches in series and in turn make them switch on one after the other, rather than at the same time. This is essential for circuitry involving seven segment displays and combination locks! RS NOR Latch Tutorial: World Download: Mods: Singleplayer Commands Music: Intro Ditty: Droptear Modelmaker – Erazer-Head (CNBMinecraft) Outro Ditty: Droptear Modelmaker – Black Out (CNBMinecraft)
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25 Responses to “RS NOR Latch Array! Sequential Memory Cell [Advanced Minecraft Redstone Tutorials]”

  1. The4ElementsofMC says:

    CNB, ur simply the best!! :’)
    I’ve gone far from semi-pro redstoner to pro redstoner because of you!

  2. xxYetterxx says:

    I’m sure you know this, but your minecraft tutorials are the best on the web that I can find

  3. gamingmonster98 says:

    now make the internet on minecraft!

  4. thensaine says:

    does not work for 1.2.5

  5. WhiteKnightindusties says:

    HELP im makeing a counter that goes up to nine, but when comeing back down it won’t let me pass the 5’th RS nor latch and I don’t know why! please help!

  6. meteordude44 says:

    He already did a fix video!

  7. RedMinecraftStonetut says:

    My lock is more compact.
    Its also serure like this!

  8. KillMachine2506 says:

    By the RS NOR Latch Array, the torches will not go off in 1.2.5 ! can you fix ?

  9. ShutUpMaster246 says:

    Is this a fix for the Combination Lock?

  10. SssamYo says:

    00:43 I died laughing

  11. doombreker says:

    @vyktorian It works for me in 1.2.4, just watch the fix video he made

  12. vyktorian says:

    This no work on 1.2.4

  13. jamauro18 says:

    with the help of his tutorials this is what i made
    check this out for me please 🙂
    let me know what you think

  14. reviestopmotion says:

    where do i place this? on what side of the 7 segment display decoder?

  15. joetheterminator1999 says:

    Thank U 🙂 plz subscribe to me if possible !!!!!!

  16. MrOnce19 says:

    They do, you just have to update them to anvil, just like any other pre1.1 minecraft world 🙂

  17. crowmasterpl says:

    Can someone pls tell me how to reset a selection without separate reset button? So one selection turns off the others. Pls answer

  18. joetheterminator1999 says:

    the world saves don’t work in 1.2.3

  19. ozzartheboy says:

    i have a fix :O

  20. RWD130 says:

    Same happens to me

  21. astanovemil says:


  22. andrewvpover says:

    A fix was uploaded weeks ago to CNBMinecraft’s channel

  23. smotstoker says:

    too bad the minecraft release screwed all these types of vids pretty usless

  24. SporeSpood says:

    i searched for this sooo long, and now i finaly found it! Thank you so much! You are awesome!

  25. UltimateMCExplorer says:

    Im trying to do this is 1.1 but it not working???

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