Secret of Dr. Zakir's Photographic Memory

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25 Responses to “Secret of Dr. Zakir's Photographic Memory”

  1. sorekaru says:

    Can’t take people like you seriously when you don’t even understand the concept you’re talking about.

  2. amoureux24 says:

    I pray that Allah gives you janneh and you are happy and satisfied on this and the next world. Amin

  3. TheEnglish1980 says:

    Jazak Allah Kheir Ahki, pray for me please

  4. amoureux24 says:

    Masha Allah. I am very glad that you are muslim. May Allah give you peace and tranquility in your soul. “Aslama” is a verb in Arabic which also means to make peaceful-when we are peaceful with ourselves we make peaceful and harmonious world. WE can also say that the world is in submission to Allah to make peace or behave in harmony with Him. It is so nice being muslim.

  5. Milad Naghibi says:

    the quran also says and i quote “slay the unbelievers”. therefore, what happened on 911 according to the quran was a good thing where 3000 innocent people died as long as non of them were muslim. but each to their own i guess.

  6. cirosuperiore says:

    he is autistic , that’s all…
    Asperger Syndrome.

  7. MrFbi101101 says:

    dame chill dude dont hate.

  8. ilovemyallah1 says:

    MASHALLAH what a beautiful answer Dr zakir naik gave….

  9. mshshattar says:


  10. PAKZINDA1 says:

    Yep coming from a person who watches Wrestling the words about religion.LOL when you will grow up(not physically but mentally) you will understand religion.

  11. Mamuna Anisha Rashid says:


  12. dayo0ona says:

    Think before talking and respect other religions 

  13. TheEnglish1980 says:

    Islam is peacful religion, i have recently converted and i have becom muslim, i never felt the happeness before when i had no religion. Now i fell very close to Allah sabhanah, people who say islam is terorism, they do not know anything about Islam, that is why i do not blame them. they are influence by the media’s propaganda which attack Islam religion .

  14. 12345678967090 says:

    Islam is no religion only false interpretation on quran .
    Muslim people are good by heart but not good with brains…
    Cus their teaching is totally false like: Like those who leave our culture..
    Force people to accept islam and beat their women like animals…
    The lack patriotism…. These people like Dr naik can only bark like dogs
    But proves nothing no comprehension… God didnt say beat women
    God never said do war…
    God never said kill innocents…
    God said know your roll and shut your hole

  15. 7889956566 says:

    if you do not know about islam than shut your mouth.

  16. lubiteltv says:

    Allmighty Gandalf sends a meaasage.

  17. TheDALJITSINGH007 says:

    KORAN says no brain use whatsoever. look at the dumb crowd no thinking. hahahahaha, i can only laugh at this dumb religion

  18. 2000everett4 says:

    Well technically, you have to watch the video to make an assertion of whether to Like or Dislike, otherwise you would NOT know IF the actual premise matches the title ‘Secret of Dr. Zakir’s Photographic Memory’.

    So AFTER watching the whole video, I made my assertion. DISLIKE.

  19. CLK50000 says:

    Jihad means ‘struggle’, not effort. Terrorists translate the world ‘struggle’ to mean the the battle against non-believers, which to some means war, depending upon how strong their feelings and beliefs are. 

  20. valerakukatov says:

    Jahalad mahalad salaman koleium. Lol Numberrr Huan! Sorry, just couldn’t help 🙂

  21. DIRECTMYSTEPS2 says:

    Rabbanaa lakal hamd! For the speaker of truth!! Ma sha’Allah!!! Help somebody!!!

  22. DIRECTMYSTEPS2 says:

    Ma sha’Allah!

  23. relaxmonkey1 says:

    Terriorists need a good memory

  24. rakib567 says:

    if you dislike this video then u should not be watching it.

  25. sysarchitect says:

    Why not?

    Jihad doesn’t mean War, Jihad comes from the Arabic word Juhd, which means Effort.

    We put effort into everything we do all the time, all that he is saying is don’t put that effort into things for worldly gain, or ego or anything but the highest purpose, which is to please God.

    Jihad is a big word, and in some situations it may involve war, such as a war to protect your land from a foreign invader, but Jihad is a simple part of everyday life, all it means is ‘effort’.

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