Shelf Life chapter one part 1 (machinima)

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Get the theme song here www.pixeleyesproductions.com This is the first release of Shelf Life chapter one. It has been split into two parts so please be sure to watch both parts in order. This is part 1, please watch part 2 next. Closed Captioning credits: Russian: Terrabit ______________________________________ It’s about two scientists, one with the ability to visualize advanced theories related to the power of memory and the human brain, and one with the determination to do whatever it takes to reach a scientific breakthrough. They are both parts of one big puzzle, a puzzle that is a project that poses a bigger danger to humanity than anything else in history, and it’s up to one of them to expose the danger, even if it means putting himself at great risk.

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25 Responses to “Shelf Life chapter one part 1 (machinima)”

  1. MoustacheKitten says:

    Aw, I feel so sad for pixeleyesproduction for not getting more views. I’ve not seen a more realistic and detailed/scripted GMOD machinima, yet videos not even coming close to this quality has atleast 10 times the views.

  2. nathanwainwright says:

    I am mostly emphasizing the starting part. And just so you don’t get confused, I have only been here for about 2-3 weeks.

  3. geesmith says:

    It takes two to tango but never mind. It’s been great chatting with you.

  4. nathanwainwright says:

    You are the one who is the troll here by maintaining AND starting an ~ eight month “battle” on YouTube.

  5. geesmith says:

    as if mr1spamification knows what “honestly” means.
    Using his own ‘logic’- “if you deny something it has to be true”
    therefore he’s a liar.
    Nathan Thorpe you are nobody.

  6. mr1spamification says:

    You keep relaying that information as if it is important.
    I can tell you honestly that my name’s not Nathan Thorpe and I most certainly am not in Washington, though if it comforts you pretending you have something to FINALLY use against me, then have at it you delirious little troglodyte.
    If you are calmer by thinking that you actually have something to use to win, that will relax you, and therefore give you the courage to reply to all four videos, not just two. Giving me more to laugh at kid.

  7. geesmith says:

    But you aren’t multiple people Nathan. You’re Nathan Thorpe of Washington, just like the nathan down below. You are the worlds worst troll.

  8. mr1spamification says:

    does it feel good when you get bitch slapped by multiple people? Just below here I can see this nathan guy giving you a hard time.
    Tell me, doesn’t it bother you knowing that you are dead wrong and are actually a faggot that more than just one person hates and finds amusing and productive to their own personal entertainment just to keep fucking with a kid like you?
    How does it feel knowing you were gang raped both in the physical realm and the cyber realm?

  9. nathanwainwright says:

    If you are not going to actually spend time here then you should probably just leave since you are the one who is making a fool out of himself.

  10. geesmith says:

    I won’t spend much time here.
    I prefer the ‘live’ videos that people actually visit where you publicly make a fool of yourself. See you there mr1spamifinathan.

  11. nathanwainwright says:

    So fools as in you? Making retarded comments.

    “Basically you saw that I have replied to your comment”
    Umm ok, what are you trying to prove there.

    I think you are getting tired from all of these comments against you geesmith. Are you going to roll over and die now? Seems like it.

    I don’t think you are very good at this.

  12. geesmith says:

    There’s nothing to be learned from fools young Thorpe.
    Basically you saw that I have replied to your comment.

  13. nathanwainwright says:

    So have you learned your place now? I see you have not replied to my comment, well you have but “thanks for trying to help anyway” doesn’t really count in my books. Probably should try something better than that.

  14. geesmith says:

    It’s easier for me. I don’t even have to try.
    You forgot your home movie:


  15. mr1spamification says:

    Wow your logic is that of a cum dumpster trying to pull off as a bride to be or a vice president of a first world power.

    If someone is clever that doesn’t mean they necessarily NEED to appear clever.
    That’s like saying if you are hungry you NEED to have others watch you eat food, otherwise it can never be proven that you are hungry.
    You have no defense, your replies are getting shorter and shorter, you are wearing out.
    Activate the DID, I need more to work with here, this is too easy now.

  16. mr1spamificafion says:

    Why are you posted MY movie dumbass?
    You dont need to be clever if you NAARRRRRRRQQQQQQQQQQQQQ

  17. geesmith says:

    …therefore, you need to appear clever.
    …and I have the perfect defense.

  18. geesmith says:

    You forgot your home movie:


  19. mr1spamification says:

    Don’t need to appear clever if you are clever my boy.
    But yes, clearly you hide behind a curtain of slowly developed lies of “I DUN CAER WUT N E WUN THINKS!!!1111” only because so many people just hate you so much lol.
    It’s the perfect defense
    Hate a lot?
    Tell everyone you don’t care!
    You’re so sad, little one.

  20. geesmith says:

    You appear to have made the error of assuming I give a fuck what anyone thinks.
    Continue in your quest to appear clever.

  21. mr1spamification says:

    You just can’t accept the truth that NO ONE is looking at that video or whatever it even is.
    The first 40 seconds of your life were the best, when no one bothered to look between your legs… then your life really starts to bite
    Perhaps you should calm down, don’t want a repeat of this do you?
    Please take it easy, consume those narcotics you silly little Brit Bitch fuck nugget :).
    The first 40 seconds of this starts off slow, then reality burns!

  22. geesmith says:

    You can’t accept the truth the video contains. It’s taken you 2 hours to trawl for quotes. it’s just not good enough.

    The first 40 seconds is just filler… then it starts to bite

  23. mr1spamification says:

    Wow you REALLY want to pretend I watched that video because you think that will be the ultimate win do you?
    So sad how hard you try. Can’t win a fight with your own words?
    I guarantee you, no one looked at that link, period. Again with the brain dead red herrings from your cock-violated esophagus.
    Just because someone talks about something doesn’t mean they are relating to it directly.
    Judging on that stupid logic, you talked about cats, that means you are a cat. A cat that can type? AMAZING!

  24. geesmith says:

    Wriggling is to be expected. You watched. I saw your comment on the other vid.

  25. mr1spamification says:

    No, clearly you don’t. Why would you state it was about a nation and then deny it after I regard it as fact as I would not actually watch your silly little bitch ass videos?
    Try some real logic sometime my Brit Bitch.

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