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Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (21) Dealing with short term memory loss,mood disorders,brain fog,mood swings The Ultimate Cure for Short Term Memory Loss and Mood Disorders. One of the most noteworthy characters in Finding Nemo is the pacific regal tang named Dory who had a short term memory loss. Watching an optimistic surgeonfish who is suffering from short term memory loss is really fun but in real life, short term memory loss is an issue that will have you searching for mood stabilizers trying to avoid forgetfulness inability to stay focused trying to increase memory is an issue that alarms a lot of people due to the difficulties that can be encountered by an individual who is suffering from such. The ability to retain information can differ from one person to another but it can be alarming to have short term memory loss and mood disorders for no apparent reason. Do mood stabilizer medications, help mental fatigue or make better memory to help focus more, Hence, short term memory loss should be addressed immediately to know the main reason behind the brain fog. Short term memory loss can be caused by a wide array of factors one of these is Alzheimer’s. At present, it is estimated that about 4 million Americans suffer from this disease or have symptoms of short term memory loss some have mood disorders complain of brain fog constant mood swings and are searching for mood stabilizers. But about 100 million are fawning over their short term memory loss and mood swings. In truth, short
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21 Responses to “Short Term Memory Loss*Clinical Trials*Mood Disorders”

  1. madaobro says:

    I am japanese and I have short memory term when I born i japan but I was fouce to go 2 usa became of dad job. I live in us about 7 or 6 year but I cant speak now I went back to japan becasuse of my dad job. I was in japan about 2 or 1.5 year but I still cant speck any word but I came back USA but I only know my name to spell and to speak. I am 15 year old now. I still in USA but I am still 3 to 4 grade level. if u dont have SMT or some other because I feel so shit now I dont see my live 🙁

  2. joumaali says:

    site no longer available

  3. jerzytyszkowski says:

    Please check if you ever take antibiotic Levaqin, Avelox, Cipro, Floxin you can the brain fog and more simptoms from that. I have the problem 3 years. See on face book Fluroquinolone Antibiotic,

  4. Engineer245 says:

    Being interrupted while working or even thinking about a task or project makes me made. I have no control of this. It is spontaineous! If I stop a moderately tough task or project it is almost imposible for me to start back because I have lost the logic that I was working with. So, I take a long time to complete task that are interupted. When a task makes no sence to me I can not do it. My mind works on llogic since logic seems to require no memory. I can tear anything apart and put it back

  5. Engineer245 says:

    For those with even fair memories it is impossible to understand the social and success issues a bad memory can cause. A person with a bad memory is relegated to the ditch digging jobs etc… I had to carry notes with me everywhere. I can’t even remember the lyrics to songs I like. I know them when I hear them but then I can not repeat them. Yeah, I have mood shifts and suffer from deppression off and on. I get bored very easily and I have a problem focusing on task that take too long.

  6. Engineer245 says:

    While in the millitary I attended night school and recieved a real high school deploma. After the millitary I applied to university and I was accepted. Wow was I surprised. I applied to the school of engineering and was put on probation until I completed all the math and english classes I was missing. I found that at the university level I could cram for all test and get a passing grade. My GPA at graduation was only 2.8. After 30 years I no longer remember what I had learned but I muddle thru!

  7. Engineer245 says:

    I have had a severe memory problem since I was a child. I could not memorize the mutiplication tables or spelling words so I found that last minute cramming worked to get me through k thru 8th grade. Once I got into high school I was lost in all classes except algebra. Math always seemed logical so it seems to be easy to remember. I dropped out that year (9th grade) because I was over welmed in english class,,, just too far behind. I worked at jobs I could get. I got my GED and joined millitary!

  8. kkirtye says:

    adding the music to it made it really good.

  9. 65mullan says:

    @MrUloveme2 don’t worry i think it’s rare to get it. great video by the way.

  10. MrUloveme2 says:

    im scared of getting that now!!

  11. heavenrocksyaa1 says:


  12. SuperWowplayer123 says:

    great video and awesome site.

  13. bumblebeesrock1 says:

    i didn’t know you can do anything about memory loss.

  14. daddymike75 says:

    @godisrocker ya it scared me to.

  15. godisrocker says:

    this kinda scared me.

  16. countryrocker91ify says:

    now i know more about that thanks

  17. mullan644 says:

    Wow it’s sad people got that 🙁

  18. 317deltatutorials says:

    i didn’t know short term memory loss had mood disorders

  19. knueppel1992 says:

    i feel sorry for people with Short term memory loss because it must stink, i know people with it i’m going to tell them about this site.

  20. websitemaster7799 says:

    @bigcasey1995 ya it’s not good but if you get it then just go to the site.

  21. bigcasey1995 says:

    Wow i never want Short Term Memory Loss

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