Simon Memory Game – 38

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I get 38 on the Simon memory game, however I can do a lot better, people kept messaging me on Xfire and messing me up. I think can reach 70 or higher. NOTE:T…

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25 Responses to “Simon Memory Game – 38”

  1. thecomplete10 says:

    my best is 2

  2. CookiePaladin says:


  3. ChenKaifeng says:

    lol. just takes practice dude. I’m not super smart but I got up to 34 today

  4. Jeroen Vermunt says:

    how then …

  5. KrIIklaNe says:

    easier is to write just the first letter of the color: r – red, b – blue, g
    – green, y – yellow

  6. Abz Kernaghan says:

    I got 50! Yaay πŸ˜€ and had plenty of distractions with glee, my brother, my
    dad and homework so no excuses… :L

  7. Steven Toro says:

    all of you people are either fucking crazy or liars cuz i couldn’t pass 15

  8. guerreiro943 says:


  9. Lucas R says:

    lol you write down the colors on a peace of paper

  10. Vince Wearmouth says:

    @RogΓ©rio Fernandes

  11. DuchAmagi says:

    My best is 46. I didn’t know that it’s a lot. I thought it’s quite average
    πŸ˜€ And I thought that I find a movie on youtube how people remember 100+

  12. boobtuber06 says:

    wasn’t this basically the first dual-n back test…any psychologists out

  13. German Corro says:

    hahaha!! that was pretty awsome..good job πŸ™‚

  14. Piero Scaglioni says:

    u should make another vid wen people r not messaging u and not messing u up

  15. A.T. Rana says:

    someone should make a song out of it

  16. Nick Robinson says:

    ive gotten to 18 and i was happy now i feel stupid

  17. DefNerdz says:

    @LtUnreal actually me and my friends with no life kept playing simon and
    only got to round 72 and then it stopped, so i guess theres only a maximum
    of 72 rounds

  18. Loooser says:

    I got up to 25 legitly. Never gotten anywhere that mark ever

  19. MJ malagon says:

    my bnest is 13

  20. secondsandthings says:

    I got like 40 or 50 something as first year or something at highschool –
    but ye the video creators right after u get the hang its pretty easy to go
    higher and higher, especially since every round it reinforces what u
    already remembered ~ i used to just remember it as a bunch of seperate
    sequences pieced together

  21. Ty Scott says:

    simon the dubstep when you need it

  22. thestever says:

    Dammit i got 37 and then googled to see if anyone had done better and this
    is the first result

  23. LtUnreal says:

    @edd142 you’re either trolling or just stupid…or both.

  24. flakeo says:

    where have i landed again?

  25. Abz Kernaghan says:

    @FILMZ1994 Haha thanks – just realised how much of a bitch i sounded. And
    yeah i have photos to prove if πŸ˜‰

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