Simple things that can boost your brain power

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Simple things that can boost your brain power

Article by Tanja Bogdanoska

Whether if you are a student who is trying to learn about his final exam or if you are a business person who wants to stay mentally sharp, there are some things that you can do to boost your brain power. Don’t go thinking about that this is one of those texts that will give you some complicated diet that last a lifetime. I’ll suggest you some simple thing that you can so in ten minutes. Check the list.

Read a poem or a paragraph of a book

We all know the saying that reading is important for the mind like exercise for the body. Reading a book offers lot of benefits for the brain. It makes you think about the information presented in the book. With one word, reading books keeps your mind engaged in receiving and transmitting different kinds of information. Now that you know these things, try to find some book according to your wishes and spend five minutes reading it.

Social interactionInteracting with other people keeps the brain sharp, simply because dealing with people can be a challenging thing. The study made by A.U.S. team found that the socializing is an effective mental exercise that improves the mental capacity. Remember, no social interaction means memory problems for you. I know you don’t want that. So, go check your Facebook or Twitter profile and have a nice chat with your friends.Play online games

If you want to stay mentally sharp, you have to give your brain a workout. One of the best ways to do this is to play online games that put you against the time. When you have a limited amount of time to accomplish the main task, your mind is forced to think fast. Even there are many online games that can give your brain a workout and put you against the time – I think that hidden object games are perfect for this purpose. They are fun, most of them have interesting story and offer solving a different puzzles. Just be careful – these games can be so addictive.


The brain needs some time to get off the everyday worries. Doing a meditation may give you possibility to clear your mind. So, try to spend 5 minutes to relax and meditate. I’m not saying that you should sit on the floor with your legs cross out. It would be enough if you just close your eyes and focus on the breathing. If you find that some thoughts are interrupting your meditation, just say “no” to them. Cut them off. Focus only on the breathing.

Try to use any of these techniques to boost your brain power. After a while you’ll start to notice some positive changes in your mind.

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