Singing Exercises – How To Exercise Your Voice

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25) — Singing Exercises – How To Exercise Your Voice. Are singing exercises really mandatory? No, they are not. They are only mandatory if you want to…

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25 Responses to “Singing Exercises – How To Exercise Your Voice”

  1. Learn How To Sing says:

    Many people often say that they do not know how to sing. This makes people
    lose confidence in the joy of singing and decide not to try. What they
    might not be aware of is the kind of techniques and tools that can help
    them learn how to sing.

    If you can afford it then you will benefit from a qualified voice teacher.
    They can show you how to develop your vocal chords. Throat muscles are like
    any other set of muscles and if they are not used properly or are
    underdeveloped it can cause strain. That will then result in what sounds
    like a weak voice.

  2. Learn How To Sing says:

    Singing Exercises – How To Exercise Your Voice

  3. Joyce James says:

    Here are some sample beneficial guidelines that any singer must practice
    and carefully perform every day:

    * Exercise your facial and jaw muscles
    * Carefully exercise your vocal cords
    * Maintain good posture
    * Learn to breathe properly
    * Be sure do warm-up exercises before you begin to sing
    * Do practice scales
    * Keep your throat moistened
    * Avoid screaming and overtaxing your throat and vocal cords

    In order to not do more harm than good and possibly do damage to your
    throat or worse, your vocal cords, you need to be clearly informed of how
    to properly and safely perform such daily habits or you may as well forget
    about learning how to sing properly.

  4. Haley Alex says:

    You have taken singing lessons and were told by your friends that you are a
    great singer. You know deep down inside you that you are a singing talent
    yet to be discovered.

    Now that you are well and ready, having developed your own unique singing
    style, you want to launch your singing career. You realistically realized
    that without any previous professional singing experience it is difficult
    for your singing career to have a breakthrough.

    Singing agents, recording labels, club owners and employer of singers will
    naturally be cautious before they hire you because they have never heard of
    you before and what if you fumble on your first professional performance?
    That will be an embarrassment for them and may even cost them money.

  5. Harris Sam says:

    When your singing voice goes into a falsetto, you will experience a
    physical relief since you went from a high tension state to almost no
    tension at all. Your singing will go from struggling for the next note to
    easily reaching the next higher note.

    However, you will probably not be comfortable with the fact that your voice
    tone changed so drastically and losing the power in your singing. It is
    really an emotional a let-down. It makes you feel like writing emails to
    people asking “How can I sing higher notes?”.

    If you are properly trained, your vocal cords will do the next two tricks
    and can easily shift into the next gear rather than flip into a falsetto
    voice when singing higher notes.

  6. Laurel Stan says:

    So… You must develop your mixed register! It is the only way to sing
    those high notes with the power of chest voice, without losing your tone

    It is a very important free online singing lesson.

    There is a big difference between vocal excersises that work, and those
    that don’t work. I’m going to discuss some vocal exercises that work
    amazingly well. It’s possible to double your range with these exercises.
    But first….
    …… let’s talk about vocal excersises that definitely don’t work! You
    know the ones…

    Exercises that…

  7. Kinsey Alfred says:

    Speech level singing exercises will hone right in, with precision accuracy,
    on the INNER larynx muscles. These muscles, when properly trained, will
    turn you into an amazing vocalist.

    The exercises build up these muscles. Build them up strong. Until you are
    doing things with your voice that you never thought possible!

    It’s actually not uncommon for speech level singing students to EASILY put
    an extra octave onto their range. This is how efficient these inner muscles
    of the larynx are!

    Your Vocal Range Will Increase

  8. Elliot Cass says:

    In my third lesson with Brett, I remember him taking me up to an F above
    male high C! He was freaking out. I was kind of in a daze. I was a little
    confused, only because with his technique, there was a REDUCTION in vocal
    strain the higher I sang.

    So when he pointed to the keyboard and showed me what notes I was hitting,
    he shouted “Can you believe that?”

    I looked at him with a confused stare and said “Yeah, but…I’m cheating.”

    What I meant was, “certainly I can’t be doing it right, because it doesn’t

  9. Bacon Francis says:

    Singing or even music in general offers positive contributions to your
    overall health. Various studies have proven that listening and engaging in
    music can indeed improve your emotional, mental, and physical health. So
    even if you do not really wish to become a singer, there are other reasons
    why you should look for singing schools and enroll in a voice class now.

    Improve Lung’s Capacity

    Regarding your health, the primary benefit you can get from singing is
    improved lung capacity. Normally, teachers require their students to
    perform breathing exercises to improve their stamina when singing. But
    aside from actually developing your singing ability, performing breathing
    exercises also works out your lungs, thereby improving their health.

  10. Lloyd Seth says:

    One more hint….

    If you find yourself breaking into falsetto (a light sound, with no power),
    add a “G” to the sound. So instead of “Wee”, you sing “Gwee”. This sound
    will help your vocal chords stay together, so you are singing in a
    connected voice.

    This free vocal exercise is part of the speech level singing process.

    Speech level singing is the most effective way to learn how to sing. It
    trains ONLY the correct muscles needed in singing. These are the inner
    muscles of the larynx. By isolating these muscles and really working them,
    they get SO strong that you can sing incredibly high notes, with absolute

  11. Kennedy Edward says:

    With the process outlined in the Singing Success audio program, you can
    develop your voice beyond “great”. It is now even ground. With the
    information in this program you can become a true singing master. Singers
    attending prestigious music universities, in the long run will not come
    close to those that are dedicated enough to practice this powerful method.
    And the more you practice, the better you get!

    So if you have ever asked the question, “How can I discover a technique for
    my singing that will take my voice to it’s best state, click here now and
    learn how use your voice to it’s fullest potential.

    Would you like to hear singer with the biggest vocal range I’ve ever heard
    in a male?

  12. Harvey Paul says:

    The National Charity, Heart Research of the United Kingdom intends to get
    everyone in the world singing from 8-15 December 2008 to help raise funds
    to find cures for heart diseases and also because this charity believes
    that there are sufficient evidence to show that singing is good for your

    Professor Graham Welch, who is the Chairman of Music Education at the
    Institute of Education, University of London has studied developmental and
    medical aspects of singing for more than three decades said not so long ago
    that health benefits of good singing are both physical and psychological.

  13. Gray Thomas says:

    Singing in History

    From Mesopotamia, Greece, Egypt, and India, singing has always been an
    integral part of culture and religion. Old texts and scriptures have shown
    how people used singing as a form of entertainment, communication, and
    giving glory to God. In the Bible, the Psalms of David and Songs of Solomon
    are indications how important singing was in men’s spiritual life in the
    ancient times.

    However, the advent of singing schools was said to have started in Greece
    and just spread and developed in different parts of the world. As vocal
    pedagogy extended in various parts of Europe, the Opera has also developed.
    The Opera was actually an offshoot of the royals’ desire to display their
    affluence and engage in leisure. Today, Opera is still an important part of
    musical art and culture.

  14. Michael Nate says:

    microphone for singing

  15. Adams Henry says:

    Aside from the theoretical know-how of a teacher, you must also consider
    his actual experience in teaching students. Look for vocal teachers who
    already handled numerous students with positive result. Moreover, look for
    a dynamic teacher who is concerned with actually helping you become a
    better singer. Likewise, a teacher who is spontaneous but is always ready
    in class is someone who can inspire you.

    Are Singers Born with Talent

    Many students are hesitant to take classes on singing, thinking that there
    is no sense in trying to learn singing because they are not born with
    talent. However, many vocal teachers assure that attending lessons on
    singing will help improve a person’s singing capability whether she has raw
    talent or not. They say this not just because they want more students, but
    singing classes really help this way.

  16. James Donald says:

    You should also practice in front of your friends as much as possible. A
    key component to singing well is having the confidence to sing in front of
    people. Start with your friends and practice until you feel comfortable.
    When you have built up your confidence, consider singing at events or
    places where strangers will be present. This is an excellent way to improve
    your ability to sing well in public. Many people can sing well at home when
    they are alone, but as soon as they are asked to sing in front of friends
    or other people, they freeze up and just can’t sing. Having confidence and
    believing in yourself is a core component to being able to sing well.

  17. Charles Bill says:

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  18. Dean Howard says:

    One of the biggest obstacles many singers are confronted with is the lack
    of confidence when they are about to go on stage. Their nerves become a
    series of stumbling blocks that get higher and harder to get until it
    becomes a brick wall. This lack of confidence keeps a singer from
    performing at their best and investing in singing lessons to improve their
    craft. If you are one of them, you don’t know what you are missing out.

    Trying to gain confidence from self-help books, hypnosis, meditation and
    relaxation exercises may help you to identify and address the concerns you
    may have with your jittery nerves and fear. However, real confidence will
    not begin to grow without actively engaging some kind of public
    performances, even if it is only singing in the church choir or singing
    with your friends in some karaoke binges. In other words, confidence in
    public singing is largely built by actively engaged through practices and
    performances. So find singing lessons and programs by good vocal coaches to
    seek perfection in your practices and performances.

  19. Drake Nick says:

    Have you ever seen those amazing travel photos of some guy in a hammock on
    a pristine white beach? It looks SO inviting! And IT IS! Heck…you are
    overworked…burnout is nipping at your heels. So you see that picture and
    it makes you salivate.

    But have you ever actually taken that vacation to the beach where you could
    actually do NOTHING for a long time? I HAVE!

    It’s amazing! The first day, you settle in to just pure relaxation. Then
    the next day, it’s kinda cool. Then the next day, you miss your email, or
    your colleagues, or…something.

    Then, about a week into it, you realize that you are just plain bored! The
    hammock is a would-be prison.

  20. Jenner Henry says:

    Secondly, when you are trying to hit a high note while singing, ensure that
    your arms are raised away from your body along with your chin. This gives
    your body very good position to maintain proper breathing. A very important
    point to remember is that you should never try to go beyond your capability
    while raising your voice. Just try not to go over your limits. As opposed
    to hitting high notes, when you try to hit those low notes, make sure the
    hands are closer to the body as with the chin. Ensure that the larynx is
    relaxed correctly. Also, make sure to inhale and exhale air from your body
    correctly so that you can learn to sing better.

  21. Kelly Walt says:

    You need the full picture.

    A Must-Have for All Singers

    A tiny investment in a singing program can mean the difference between a
    sky-rocketing singing career, amateur or professional, or a disappointing

    The answer? A sound singing program that’s not only affordable but
    comprehensive, offering you all you need to know to safeguard your most
    important singing asset, your voice, and to give you cutting-edge tips and

    “Singorama” comes highly recommended and with rave reviews and dynamic and
    useful feedback. This step-by-step singing guide can be your in-house
    personal trainer or voice coach, taking you through different level
    tutorials and challenging you with audio exercises and a virtual piano and
    trendy original songs.

  22. Tony Edith says:

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  23. Bean Roy says:

    Moreover, several studies have found healing effects of singing to
    professionals who practice or perform regularly. In one study, it was found
    that by singing in group, you can easily cope with chronic pain. Older
    people who attend singing lessons and regularly practice their skill can
    slow down mental decline and improve their self esteem.

    Eventually, you and your new friends can even jam together and form a group
    or band outside of the class. You can showcase your talent in different
    settings such as church, parties, and other events. These activities do not
    only help you gain more experience in singing, but also help widen your

  24. Carey Sandra says:

    Singing light bel canto scales is an excellent means to move towards
    singing full songs. Just as some things help your voice improve, there are
    lifestyle choices that you prevent. Smoking should be avoided. Caffeinated
    sodas must be replaced with hydrating water to keep your voice in tip-top
    shape. To really keep singing your lifestyle, you have to take care of your
    vocal chords and singing voice with lifestyle changes.

    Los Angeles singing lessons are one way to learn the craft however vocal
    coaches will suggest practicing daily. Whether that is scales or songs from
    your chosen genre, rehearsal is essential to entirely build up your vocal
    talents and your singing repertoire. By making singing your daily priority,
    you make more significant progress towards your final aim of succeeding in
    business. Singing can become your lifestyle once you concentrate all of
    your attention on that objective.

  25. Richard Dave says:

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